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    When my mom and dad married in June, 1944, dad's shoulderboards did not have the green cord nor did his collar tabs have the white cord. He did not transfer to the TSD until August, 1944. Do you know when these changes took place?

    I posted photos earlier.


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    Was not commenting on the board shown...No they used slides as seen in the piccie yellow for officers, nor would they have the Veterinary serpent. Are you back home now?

    A.Schlicht / J.R.Angolia writes in his book that there were violations.

    I can supply images from the book.

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    Hi Larry,

    I am still stationed on my ship. I am just able to log on a bit more, for now. I have another year here in CA. Who knows from there. My retirmenet from the military has been delayed because of the crappy economy. Maybe I can pick up a couple more paygrades in the meanwhile. I still love hte service, so no biggie for me.

    So those boards posted by Roman are definitely LSW/SHD. I would love it to have one, as it is missing from my collection. Nice score Roman!

    I have seen a lot of lined beamte shoulder cords. They did not follow the rules much for some reason. Since they were not military personnl, they were no held accountable to the same standards...

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    Maybe it Beamte?

    This is a shoulderboard for a Zollanwaerter (Landzoll). If the dark green stripes were thinner than the silver ones, this would be a Finanzanwaerter (Landzoll). However, as far as I can see they are of equal width. But it is definitely Landzoll.

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    Could someone provide a systematic description of the collar tabs? From what I've been able to gather, they looked as follows.

    Höherer Dienst


    Gehobener Dienst


    Mittlerer Dienst


    Einfacher Dienst


    Is this correct?

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