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    My humble collection

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    Here is the WW1 section of my collection.

    The EK2s(combattant), all wound badges, the small black cross with the smaller EK clasp seen to the right of the Red Cross medal(had a narrow black ribbon that basically turned to dust), and belt buckles belonged to my Great Grandfather.

    Edited by Paul Reck
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    Guest Darrell

    Very nice Paul. I love the Russian loot :love:

    P.S. can you show a closeup of the reverse of the E-Boat 1st Pattern and the Aux Cruiser Badges?

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    :blush: Thanks Jim!

    I know that your's is more than impressive. I that you post some(or all) of it soon!!

    Warm regards


    Thanks Paul, But the only way you are going to see my collection is in bits and pieces if others will show it. It's all gone now.

    I now collect, as my signature indicates, US armor and tank destroyer patches. However, I still enjoy looking at the German medals, and particularly the EK's.

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Thank you Don! I am trying to stream line things into more of a Luftwaffe/medical/non combattant focus. My last real piece of collateral that I am looking to swap in the Heer Infantry ensemble(sword, hat, etc). I really like it, but I am looking for a gem of a LW tunic to put it toward!

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