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    belgian Order of Leopold l

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    it was a bit mad how i got it! i saw a thread on the WAF forum AGGGEESSSSSSS ago and the guy wanted to know what the ribbion was for! he found out that it was for the leopold medal!so i swopped it for a 1914 ek 2nd ribbion so it was all good!!!!indeed wonders never do stop amazing me!!! :P:beer:

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    ok now dont go mad but i used white spirit! i dipped a tissue in the white spirit and then dapped the tissue on the medal till the painted came off! just did it infront of the tv while watching the 100 greatest films on channel 4 so the time past fairly fast!! :beer:

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    When used patiently and correct nothing wrong with this method, as long as it isn't meant to remove original paint. In this case, it was used for ugly painting, so no probs with it.

    Just love the award!

    Also the grandofficers star mentioned above here.

    Kind regards



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