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    I recently got this group. All the pieces look good. The mounting shows no sign of being played with and shows good age. It just seems to be a rather unusual combination, especially in the absence of other awards. Unfortunately, Reuss records are nearly nonexistent. I know the Reuss 3rd Class w/crown and swords was considered a Captain grade award while the Wurtt. Gold Medal was awarded to junior officers and very senior NCOs. Any thoughts?

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    There are many things I don't like of these medal bar... the way the ribbons are folded, the odd combination without any other orders or medals, the fact that the Württemberg is a cheap silver gilt piece... but above all I don't like the Reussisches Ehrenkreuz' crown; it looks a bit too small and if you notice, although the picture is very bad and small, there's some traces of welding on the bottom outer part of the crown... It looks just like a piece I won on a German auction; when I got it delivered and I saw the flaw, I immediately sent it back. I am wondering: maybe "they" used the very same cross to put together this bar!



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    The size of the crown doesn't really concern me. It is identical to the examples in Nimmergut. There is a bit of roughness at the sides of the crown where the hinged attachment points were finished off but, no worse than on most other pieces I have seen with articulated crowns. The overall workmanship and construction of the piece is nearly identical to the other Reuss crosses I have seen.

    My primary question with this group is the odd combination. I believe the pendants are OK but, I'm not convinced that the mounting is original.

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