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    Army, Army, Political Leader, Army, SA, Political Leader.

    The three Army officers are L- R: Oberst Gustav Schmidt, later a Generalleutnant and cmdr. 19 Panzer Division,

    General der Infanterie Wolfgang Muff cmdr. WKR XI Hanover and General der Panzertruppen Otto von Knobelsdorff cmdr. 19 Panzer Division.



    L-R Obst Gustav Schmidtt, Knobelsdorff Kmdr 19 Pz.jpg

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    A very crisp and detailed group shot that shows both the blue and field-grey uniforms of the Kriegsmarine.

    Both the Blockade Breaker and the Marine Artillery awards can be seen in wear.


    BB and CA in wear._final.jpg

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    11 hours ago, nesredep said:

    Very Nice addition to this thread.You have an amazing Photo Collection!

    Thank you for the kind words.:)

    Great photo Martin.:)

    Here is another multi-uniform photo. SA and a Sudeten Freikorps Party member.



    SA and Sudeten Freikorps Party member.jpg

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    The general idea behind this topic was to show multi uniform portaits of people who wanted to be pictured in their various uniforms. We are ending with pictures of people who are gathered in uniform and pictured on occasion.

    My idea is, and correct me if I'm wrong, that in the 1930's, and even the early stages of the war, service men (and women) were expressing to do their (uniformed) duty an it was fun to be pictured together with uniformed friends and family, but later in the war, all able men and women were wearing a kind of uniform so the uniform was more of a rule than exeption. In other terms, in the beginning the wearing of the uniform was an honorary distinction, but as the war dragged on, it became an obligatory burden.

    Here a proud father in the late 1930's, wearing his Kyffhaüser Bund (veterans) uniform, with his sons in the German Red Cross, and for contrast, a bunch of uniformed defenders of the Reich (of all branches) in March/April 1945.

    DRK - 006 - DRK vor 1938, ärmelstreife für 5 Dienstjahren, mir Kyffhäuserbund.jpg


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    Kriegsmarine & Gebirgs-Jäger

    A family-portrait: Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe, Deutsche Reichsbahn (German Railways)

    [for some strange reason the programme twists my pictures :( ]

    #17 KM u. Geb.Jäg.jpg

    #18 - WSS - WL - RB.jpg

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    Really nice photos showing a mixture of TR organisations and services.

    The last photo posted by Martin W is especially nice.

    SS, LW Flak and Deutsche Reichsbahn with Electrotechnical badge on left sleve.

    Here are the other DR specialist badges up to 1941. http://antique-photos.com/en/unidatabase/third-reich/431-specialist-patches-of-reichsbahn.html



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