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    Professor Pavlov of Bulgaria, author and collector, 1932-2018

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    Professor Petko Pavlov passed away. 

    He was well known scientist, awards enthusiast and researcher. Many of you know him as author of the most complete and famous catalog on Bulgarian awards (1st and 2nd editions):

    Besides this collector's bible, he also authored other books on Bulgarian awards and badges.

    His work contributed greatly to research, categorization and popularization of Bulgarian Royal and Communist period awards. He was frequently mentioned in the posts on this forum. 

    This is really sad news, he was great historian, true to his values, committed to his family, and an example of integrity for all and we always felt a deep sense of respect for him. 
    Our sincerest condolences to the Pavlov family and friends during this difficult time, our hearts and prayers are with them.
    He will be truly missed.



    His authographed books




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    A true scholar and gentleman who shared his understanding on the widest and, in the 1980's especially, a non-political basis.  Professor Petko Pavlov's personal knowledge and professional research attributes, his access to then sensitive archives and his ability to communicate clearly yielded extraordinary results which he freely communicated.  Several personal meetings revealed his gracious and kind personality which further enhanced his impressive contributions.  

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    It is a very sad news The Collector's World lost a significant scholar, author and collector.

    His work has been  used as a main reference by collectors from all around the world  - and in my humble opinion will be used many years to come


    I can add my sincerest condolences to the Pavlov family and friends during this difficult time, 
    Our hearts and prayers are with them.
    New World you are lucky to have the books signed by Prof. Pavlov Treasure them
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