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    Dear John

    Despite the rare order of the white elephant I don't think that this ribbonbar, which had a medalbar attached to it, would be attributable. It's not 'special' enough for an identification. I'll add a picture of the medalbar.

    Kind regards, laurentius


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    One possibility is Oberstlt.a.D. Max Winkelmann, *27.2.1875 in Stolberg, †23.4.1938 in Magdeburg.

    He was a Hauptmann in PB 4 during WW1, having served in that battalion from 1905-1908 and from 1912-1920. According to the Mitgliederverzeichnis for PB 4, he entered service on 1.10.1895, so he was qualified for the Centenary and with wartime service would have been eligible for the DA in 1920 when he was retired.

    Most of the other recipients of the SE5 in the 1914 rank list either died during the war or had other known decorations not on the medal bar. There was a Hptm. Winkelmann gazetted with the HOH3X on 21.11.1917; I am not sure if it was Max, as there was at least one other Hptm. Winkelmann at the time, but it is a good possibility.

    He was head of the Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt ehemaliger Pioniere. As a retired pioneer officer, service with RAD was also a possibility. The RAD DA was authorized on 30.1.1938.

    So, no 100% certainty, but a good chance.

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