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Belgian set of 14 medals to one man.

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Gentlemen... it has been a few years since I last graced this forum, but hopefully I shall be considerably more active in the future. 

For your perusal, a set of 14  WW1 (and WW2) Belgian medals awarded to the same man. The main set of 11 medals are mounted on an adjustable brass rod, and there can be no doubt that these have always been together. The hidden portion of the ribbons are still very vibrant colours - whereas the exposed portions have faded. The set displays the later 'Yser Cross' rather than the medal, and the Croix de Guerre has the Lion motif on the ribbon. I had to re-mount the whole lot to the velvet card within the frame, but all the main 11 medals remain attached to the brass rod as they were done at the time. There is no name on the photograph, although the cap shows the soldier to have served with the 2nd Infantry regiment. I am hopeful that eventually I will be able to put a name to the picture, a man who has won such honours must surely be listed somewhere. I have a copy of 'LIVRE D'OR DE LA CARTE DU FEU', but so far I have not been able to trace him.







A few more pictures...



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14 hours ago, Stuka f said:

Hey Steve,


still love that set!

And not able to replace it so far...




Hi Kris,

The set has come to a good home, and I will not be parting with it. I think that in someone else's hands it might have been broken up to sell as single medals. I will renew my search for the soldier's name soon. 



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