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Order of Glory Medals

Guest Darrell

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Well ... I only have this lowly 3rd Class: ...with all due respect no such thing!

Here is a pair on a hanger...3rd and 2nd class...the only way to confirm they belong to each other is research...but the wear indicators suggest they are a pair...


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That is a VERY nice improvized double suspension device-- a personal touch for the proud recipient.

Modelling unfortunate recycled squirrel road kill toupee haircuts (apparently all barbers were kulaks) circa 1949, on the left is "Cavalier" of All Three Glories


Guards Junior Sergeant (!!!) Vladimir (Illegible)ovich Zaripov, 70th Guards Self-propelled Artillery Brigade, 4th Tank Army, 1st Ukrainian Front 1945" is handwritten on back. He is wearing Victory Over Germany on the same suspension device (so 4 identical ribbons in a row), then loose Capture of Berlin, Liberation of Prague, and the 1948 Jubilee.

Only 2,620 enlisted men and Junior Lieutenants received all three Glories. I have no other information on Zaripov, but his bravery certainly did not earn him promotions, even as one of the minimal career cadre NCOs years after the war. His horrifically scarred unnamed friend is the same rank with nothing but a VOG and the 1948.

"Cavaliers" at least received extra privileges of real value, such as housing preferment and 15% salary increases.

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Pilot Guards Junior Lieutenant Kashintsev of the 721st Fighter Regiment, circa 1946, was also having a bad hair day. His rank ("3rd Lieutenant" if such a rank had existed in any western armed forces) was the only officer garde eligible for the Glories, and he has a 3rd Class on a 5 suspension with Valor, Victory Over Germany, Berlin, and Warsaw. Two Red Stars and a wound stripe (right ear across cheek under eye to nose) show that even a single lone OG3 might have been part of a much larger group.


This unidentified, undated (circa 1947-48) air force Starshina has awards a bit more difficult to pick out, because they are the painted type, reflecting


It looks like he may have had a Bogdan Khemilnitzky 3rd, Glory 3rd, Valor, Victory Over Germany, then Berlin and two other WW2 campaign medals before SIX Polish and maybe Czech awards worn underneath--all I am sure of are the last two, Grunewald and Victory-and-Freedom.


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Hi Rick -

Do you have access to the Atlas of the Cavaliers of the Order of Glory? If not,

you might be interested to know that your man Zaripov, Vladimir Galimovich

was born on 4 January 1925 and was still alive in 1995.

He received his Glory 3rd class on 20 February 1945, 2nd class on 31 May 1945

and 1st class on 20 December 1951. I am sorry that I cannot properly translate

the more detailed information; but hope that this little bit is helpful.

Best wishes,

Wild Card

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Wild Card, i guess, you just made someone happy wink.gif

Here is my Glory 3rd class (and i agree, Chris, there is no such thing as a "low" third class, these were mostly earned under risk for life)

I just love the patina, this example developed. Research is in progress for this Glory 3rd class.


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Hi Rick -

Me again. When I wrote my previous note, I thought that that ?20 Dec. 1951?

date sounded familiar; but it was quite late and...

A further check this morning confirmed - I have in a group to Petrov, Sgt.

Major Alexey Andreevich a Glory Order 1st class awarded on the same date.

Also, I have quite possibly seen your manas I was in Moscow in May 1995 for

The Victory celebrations; and the evening before the Big Day, by chance we

encountered all of the old heroes who were leaving a banquet at the Kremlin.

As always, I wish that I had known then what I know now.

Best wishes,

Wild Card

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"As always, I wish that I had known then what I know now."

Ah, ain't that always the truth! beer.gif

I just can't get GOOD scans of mine. The polished (but not lost details) one on the left comes out looking dark, while the untouched one on the right looks like a used bar of soap, the too-low reliefs are worn down so. These are contast adjusted with my crude technical abilities trying to get the obverse Spassy Tower and the reverse serial numbers to SHOW.



Both of mine were mid 1990s loose finds. Never had one with an Orders Book, never had a ribbon bar with one on it. ohmy.gif

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Hi Chris, for the record, no disrespect and/or derision was intended.... I just get a chuckle out of the name. Just as some of the 6 word Imperial pieces make me snicker. I do understand the significance of the award itself. My apologies if my comment offended anyone.

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I can add a bit to this though my Russian is pretty poor. If you want, I can email you a scan of the article in Russian so you can have it. Comrade Zaripov was:


A party member since 1951

A member of the Red Army since 1942

A loader (I believe) on a SU 57

With the 22nd Self Propelled Artillery Brigade (4th Tank Army, 1st Ukrainian Front)

A Senior Sgt

Received the Glory 1st in 1951 because he had received two 3rd classes previously.

Demobilized in 1945

Also received an OPW 1

Participated in the victory parade in 1995

All the best an keep up the good work!


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this Order of Glory 2nd class arrived yesterday. It is a thin variation with s/n: 11.578.

The tips of the star are not thicker than 1,5 mm.

By the way, there are also Order of Glory third class with thin tips. But as I heard s/n range

is not connected, they are spread over all serial number of the third class. Has somebody more




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May I say that this is an especially nice badge as is pointed out by Chris S in post #5, above, one rarely sees the gold so strong in the 2nd class center medalions. Congratulations.

Wild Card

Edited by Wild Card
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