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    Order of Glory Medals

    Guest Darrell

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    They can vary tremendously depending on type, serial number, era, etc. A Major New Jersey Dealer has singles in the range of $130-49. A Major Trustworthy New York Dealer (more in touch with reality) has them at $35.

    PM me if you need names and URLs.

    Thank you Ed

    The reason I asked is that I just purchased the attached little group. I was only after the Red Star and

    was just curious as to the value of the others as I will sell them on. I paid $65 for the three. Can you

    identify the third medal?



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    Well, Although undocumented, they hold a special place in my collection...

    I will start off with the second class! I am lucky as there seems to be much of the gilt remaining!

    Well, no longer undocumented....

    "You've got research!"


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    Here's my two.

    The new kid on the bloc, the OG2, I just got yesterday and I'm 90+% sure it's good (based on reviews elsewhere). His mate, OG3, I've had for a long time.

    The OG2 I have looked at for about a year now in a local shop. The fat ring made me uncomfortable, but on a whim I bought it (and a Budapest, Warsaw and Leningrad). The price was right and the return policy good. I had also bought a Nevsky and an ORBt2v2 from the same guy last year. Both turned out good.

    The serial number on OG2 (18617) dates to Feb/March '45 (thanks to Rick's wonderful database). Somebody paid for this one no doubt.

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    A new one in the family! :)

    It just came in from Ukraine this week.

    Dear Bryan,

    congratulations to that beauty :cheers: .

    You have got a prototype, how a real Glory 3cl should look like :jumping: :

    - worne ribbon

    - medal with a lot of patina

    - Spassky-tower still with rather good details

    - rather low serial number

    Glory & Nevski (among the common Soviet awards) bring the best results in citation-quality, when they are researched, as Dave Schwind found out :D .

    Best regards :beer:


    BTW: The Glory is the only, true & exclusive "In-the-Line-of-Fire"-Order of the CCCP :jumping: .

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