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    These are two World War I French propaganda postcards, celebrating the conquest of the flag of the (1st Battalion) of the 1st Nassovian Reserve Infantry Regiment. 87, which, however, contradict each other in the details. One of the legends also states that the flag had been left on the field in a panic escape.

    The troop flag had its firm place as a recognition symbol; because of their significant role as the centre of battle for the soldiers of their unit, the flags gained a special nimbus. Their loss in combat was considered a great shame. Often a prize or an award was granted for conquering enemy flags. In the First World War, the flags were taken to the field in the beginning, but then brought home later with the beginning of the trench war. Thus, such events are likely to have occurred especially at the beginning of the War.

     Just for illustration purposes, you can also see the medal bar of a member of this regiment.






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    Nor did I.

    I have some material on IR87 but am still lacking information on RIR87.

    Thus, I cannot confirm whether the legends on these cards are accurate.

    On other French propaganda postcards we see colors which they claim were conquered from bavarian troops but clearly show a prussian flag.

    Chris, I would love to see some of your RIR87 stuff and learn more about the regiment.

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    Hello Gentlemen , The loss of a regimental flag was a war contingency but if in the Napoleonic wars or later wars these loss usually took place during the battle with fight , in the first World War the thing was different .

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