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Lippe order? Help with photo appreciated

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Hi all, this picture has plagued me for some time as I was not able to identify the neck cross of the lower left gentleman. There is no writing on this image, the officer in the upper left back seems to have a 50 or so on his shoulder and the breast crosses visible may be Lippe war merit crosses 1st class. So the neck cross may be something from Lippe, too? Unfortunately I cannot produce any better pictures (the photo is very small, cut from a postcard).

Can you help me, please?





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No, a Lippe-Detmold war merit cross 1st class doesn´t exist...but it pretty much looks like a Lippe-Detmold cross for heroic deeds, like the attached one. In addition the guy wears also the ribbon for the war merit cross Lippe-Detmold.
Do I see correctly a "55" on the shoulder of the upper left guy?

If yes, everything would fit, as the 55 infantry-regiment was the one from Lippe-Detmold.

Best regards



Lippe-Heldentat-Kreuz-Punze_800-VS web.jpg

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Thanks to all for your input! It seems that we have here either a Reuss honour cross or... a civilian medal used to "promote" someone during a drunk night by a bunch of officers having fun - I like both options ;-)

Solomon - thanks for the advice on the name - yes it may be a "55" which would fit nicely but no chance at getting it clearer, sadly :-(

Thanks again, cheers,


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I agree with the idea this is a Fürstlich Reußisches Ehrenkreuz, III. Klasse mit Schwertern that was, for whatever silly reason, worn on the neck. Here's some pictures of a cased example I sold maybe three years ago to compare with. The photo quality is not really good, but I'm very close to 100% positive it fits...

R01546 - 02613 b2.jpeg

R01546 - 02613 c2.jpeg

R01546 - 02613 d2.jpeg

R01546 - 02613 e2.jpeg

R01546 - 02613 f2.jpeg

R01546 - 02613 g2.jpeg

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