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    Strange goings on in the basement.....

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    OK... some more playing around.... I am really the worlds worst person when it comes to doing anything with wood 8other than burning it, then i am the worlds best person).... so these was made with 2 long 2 by 4 s, some old boards screwed onto them. then leaned up against the wall... This morning I added a hat stand and a small bar to put things on (basically some of the important things the guy in the uniform would have had on top of the stuff he is wearing (although not everything, of course)st3.thumb.jpg.b8f2aefda0f03bf9d592e8f5e4cb47eb.jpgIMG_1396.thumb.JPG.26ab5b6cc5ebdabea8a5865bd97d3574.JPGIMG_1397.thumb.JPG.148a82db90e9ff8f04375e20e81391f3.JPG

    I realise sanding the boards would make the reflection more "uniform"... but decided to go with the "Trenchy" look...

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    1 hour ago, Mike McLellan said:

    Very nice. I suppose the missus would be unimpressed if you explained to her that a few dozen sandbags would achieve an even cooler trenchy look. 

    Talk about barbed wire... ?

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