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    Almost completed...,I've a few small wishes though...,but he can do without..

    Mannequin came in yesterday,I always wanted a sitting one 'cause a heavy chute will ruin the swimmingvest at the end,they're quite heavy while hanging there.. 10 KG +..

    He has a seat parachute,typical for fighter and underneath the chute at the back there's a bag that holds a one-man yellow lifeboat..,hard to see in this position,but it's there..

    You can see a part of the bag just under his right arm..,the boat's still inside and in good condition.

    On the left arm there's a little " map"/"information" holder...,a non-textbook item,but genuine..,just like the flare gun holster and flare belt.

    Took me quite some time to find these items and to finish this display,but I'm happy with the result sofar,it's a very complete fighter this way.


    Edited by Jos Le Cont
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    Guest Rick Research

    Just magnificent, Jos. In my heart of hearts, as a uniform collector, that is what I would really like to be able to do. (That's why I collect "standing around at headquarters with NO GEAR" stuff! :unsure: )

    It is so incredibly difficult to GET all the "little pieces," never mind the correct ensemble gear, that a display like this puts even the best museums to shame.

    You do great work! :beer:

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    Tops Quality as always! The boots and gloves look very minty!



    Agreed Jos!!! Awesome set up! How long did it take you to find everything? You stated that you are looking for other items... what else can you possibly fit onto that manniquin?

    Can we please get a look at you other manniquins? :jumping:

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    Thanks,guys !

    Yes,next a 109.......... :love:

    I see there're a few questions,

    Are those brown Hoffmann boots?



    No,Sandro,they're Croatian made,but Luftwaffe.

    Maker is Knebl & Ditrich.

    This firm also made flightjackets.

    And, from the looks of it, a pole for an emergency flag.

    Yes,but unfortunately this item was grounddug and it took me a week sparetime to "free"

    5 of the 7 telescopic parts..

    It's just a display item,as you say,impossible to find in good condition.

    I think every flight collector would want one.

    Rick,yes,the "little pieces".....,most of the time hard to find and in most cases the most expensive..!! :mad:

    Gerd,it's not a glider,although there's a cloth badge,but these kind of glidergulls can be found on all flightjackets...,pilot,observer,radio operator,gunner,.....and glider..,all could qualify for these.

    Paul,yes ,it's time for me to take some new pics next weekend....

    The boots for Sandro..


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