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    Ed's Soviet Swamp

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    Following Gerd's excellent example, I thought I'd put up here, in one place, some of the Soviet goodies that have come my (novice) way in recent years, some from forum comrades, others from the "usual suspects" of dealers, the good, bad, and ugly.

    Most have been posted here in much more detail already, and I'll give cross-references as needed.

    Most of these are documented and research is in hand or on the way from The Master.

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    Lieutenant General Ivan Ivanov Kravchenko


    Almost impossible to scan the whole thing at once, the badges have been left off and a couple of items "restored for display purposes" are included. See the dedicated thread for full details, please.

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    Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic - Order of the Red Banner of Labor, type 2

    I. Kh. Altynbaev

    #301, awarded in November 1931 to I. Kh. Altynbaev, Chief of Police Criminial Investigations Department. He was one of only two individuals to receive the order twice (#139 October 1929 and #301 November 1931 - he was the first to get it twice).


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    That's an awesome Soviet collection, Ed! I know this area of collecting is not your mainstream (but it is mine) but that's a MASSIVE set of pieces as a side line. I hope to have maybe just one of those super-rare pieces as my crowning glory one day.

    p.s. My deep-dish variation Nevsky is my crown jewel in the Soviet field right now. I'll get it researched soon. Damn, I love that piece though....

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    Beautiful collection, Ed!

    Not really being a Group's guy :blush: I specially love :love: those pieces from posts #15, #16 and #17, whith #16 being definetely my favorite!!! :jumping: Absolutely marvellous piece!!! :love:


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