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  1. Hi Guys, Thank you. It is coming from a good friend who just got it from a veterans grouping. There was a whole bunch of 3rd Reich Items and this was also in the lot. What is this being worn by Manstein? Jody
  2. Hi Folks, Is this for the Knights Cross Order of the Hohenzollern? What is it worth? Regards, Jody
  3. JBeltram

    Buffalo Soldier...

    Hi Chris, Great Purple Heart, here are two WWII patches (from my son's collection, they used to belong to me) that were used by Black Divisions in the war (92nd and the 93rd). Regards, Jody
  4. JBeltram

    1944-1964 MOH

    Hello, Am I correct in assuming that this is a 1944-1964 MOH? Regards, Jody
  5. Hi Tom, I have found the examples in silver with a 30 hallmark to be more difficult to obtain then the gold examples. Regards, Jody
  6. Hi Tom, That is my favorite maker of WW2 wound badges. You have a great badge there. Here is a cased hallmarked example with wide pin. Regards, Jody
  7. Hello, Great badges, and here is my example. Regards, Jody
  8. Hello, Neat stuff and a great reminder of the good old days. I also love the KM board. Regards, Jody
  9. Thanks for the information and my son Liam wants to thank you too.
  10. Hello, Thank you so much-I could read the back I just didn't know what it was. That must be a rather rare patriotic piece because the silver content is rather high. Regards, Jody
  11. Hi Paul, Great helmet and I also have a soft spot for Luftwaffe M-42s. Jody
  12. Hello, Here are two reproductions that I purchased from the Belfast in the early 90's. One is the Belfast and the other is the Scharnhorst. Regards, Jody
  13. Hello folks, I don't know if this is the right area to post this. This item belongs to my son. Liam would like to know what it is? Thank You, Jody
  14. Hello, Here is from my son's collection (10 years old BTW). Non-Combatant EK 2nd Class. Regards, Jody
  15. Hello, Here is one for the list. Regards, Jody