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  1. GdC26

    Franz-Joseph-Orden extreme price

    I spoke to Helmut. It's a typo, price is € 4.850.
  2. To help Alex, here are the proper colors. I think you're pretty close, quite impressive indeed.
  3. Many thanks Stogie for the comment. Can you "read" or perhaps even attribute it it? Military man gone over to civil service? A doctor, perhaps? Kind regards, Sandro
  4. Many thanks Christophe. I concur that although he had the MMJO, unfortunately, Generalmajor Friedrich Freiherr Kreß von Kressenstein is not a good candidate for our bar, which I agree is most likely a bar of a veteran of the wars of German unification (i.e., 1866 and 1870/71), I would hope though that with the familiy connection (and the attribution to the Kreß von Kressenstein estate is sound) and the combination of the decorations, someone on the Forum is able to attribute the bar. Any help is welcome! Kind regards, Sandro
  5. Many thanks Charles. This is where I get to (but as I said, I've not been able to attribute the bar as yet): - Bavaria: Militär Max Josef Orden, knightscross; gold or silver bravery medal; or Militär Sanitätsorden; - Bavaria: Verdienstorden der bayerische Krone, knightscross; - Bavaria, St. Michalesorden third or fourth class; - Bavaria: Luitpoldkreuz für 40 Dienstjahre im Staats- und Gemeindedienst; - Prussia: EK II 1870 OR 1914; - Prussia: Kriegsdenkmünze 1870 OR Hindenburg cross (which given that this is an old style bar, and that it has the Armeedenkzeichen 1866 and the Luitpoldkreuz, which was insititued in 1911, seems to me to be less likely. But it would determine whether the bar is for an 1870's or 1914 veteran. If it is the former, that precludes the first ribbon being for hte Militär Sanitäts orden, and we're looking at a bravery award in first place); - Bayern, Armeedenkzeichen 1866; - Austria: Order of the Iron crown III. Class. I originally thought it might be a bar to Otto Kress von Kressenstein, who did serve in the 1870/1871 wars of unification and won an EK II, but I didn't find evidence of the award of an MMJO, and don't believe the Luitpoldcross fits the bill (Otto Kress von Kressenstein became war minister in 1912, one year after the institution of the Luitpold cross, and I would have expected him to have been given a military service cross, not a civil one). Any help much appreciated! Kind regards, Sandro
  6. Dear Forumites, I've been offered this ribbon bar out of the Kress von Kressenstein estate, but (together with the current owner), have been struggling to attribute it. I'm hopeful, though, that with the MMJO/Militär Sanitätsorden ribbon in first place, it can in fact be attributed. Any help you can give is much appreciated. Kind regards, Sandro
  7. GdC26


    Very nice, well done
  8. Time Left: 8 hours and 14 minutes

    • WANTED

    Looking for - an original, preferably mint conditioned Lippe - Detmold Kriegsehrenkreuz für heldenmütige Tat 1914 1. Klasse and - an Austrian K.u.K. general's sash belt in excellent condition. please let me know if you have either item on offer. Regards, Sandro


  9. Time Left: 8 hours and 14 minutes

    • FOR SALE

    Medal bar to Kapitän zur See Klaus von Rosenstiel, includes his matching interimspange, contains the following awards: 1. 1914 EK2 2. Oldenburg FA2 3. Hindenburg w/swords 4. Red Eagle Order 4 5. China Combattant 6. 25 LSC 7. Centennial Additionally, he was awarded the Prussian Crown Order 2d class with Swords in 1917. Further extensive information on Rosenstiehl – who in the second part of the world war I served Flanders in Matrosenregiment 5 and later in Matrosenregiment 1, can be found here: http://gmic.co.uk/topic/69697-my-1st-godet-medal-bar-to-kapt-z-see/?tab=comments#comment-652500 The bar is a nice clean one made by Godet and Sons after the implementation of the Hindy Cross. € 750 plus shipping for the set, and PayPal fees if PayPal is used. Shipping at cost.


  10. That's a steal, unused individual volumes used to be € 250 each. Kind regards, Sandro
  11. Hello GdC26
    I love his collection.
    At the moment I'm not interested in selling.
    If I sold, you would be the first to know

    a cordial greeting



    1. GdC26


      Very good, many thanks 03Fahnen, I appreciate it. 

      All the best, Sandro


  12. Austrian Militär Verdienstkreuz III. class with war decoration. Center looks like it has been damaged, and the ribbon is incorrect. These crosses are pretty common, and with the correct ribbon and in good shape, retail for around € 125-150. Regards, Sandro
  13. Many thanks Glenn, based on the pics you posted you may well be right. What is the story of Mr. Lang, who I see from the web, eventually made it to Generalleutnant, too? And what is the story of Mr. Moser, do you know? Best, Sandro