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  1. Austrian Militär Verdienstkreuz III. class with war decoration. Center looks like it has been damaged, and the ribbon is incorrect. These crosses are pretty common, and with the correct ribbon and in good shape, retail for around € 125-150. Regards, Sandro
  2. Many thanks Glenn, based on the pics you posted you may well be right. What is the story of Mr. Lang, who I see from the web, eventually made it to Generalleutnant, too? And what is the story of Mr. Moser, do you know? Best, Sandro
  3. Thanks Chris. I was trying to find his face on the web - do you have a picture of hte Generalleuntant? You're right about the officers cross (introduced in 1905 if I'm not mistaken), but Lang was certainly not the only Bavarian general who got one. Regards, Sandro
  4. Hello Graf, To my knowledge, the star-mark denotes "unedles Metall", so not gold, platina or silver, and is not a hallmark, but is believed to be an (Austrian) jewellers mark to assist in identification of the type of metal used (and thus: the commercial value) of the piece. Regards, Sandro

    • FOR SALE

    I'm offering the following books, condition and prices as indicated. Please note that shipping and PayPal fees are not included in the prices quoted. 1924 Rangliste sold, prices for the remaining books now as follows: Bavarian Rangliste 1918, 2012 reprint in good condition - € 30 Schematismus 1913, original, spine damaged (loose on one side across most of its length), otherwise in good condition - € 95 Hüsken's series of three on the awards of prussia and its predecessor and successor states - € 95. Best, Sandro Any questions, please let me know. Regards, Sandro


  6. Thank you Andreas, the first I knew, but the second I did not, and it gives me what I was looking for. Many thanks for that, cheers, Sandro
  7. Thanks Andreas. I'd found that list, but believe it is incomplete, as it does for example not denote von Marchtaler's EKI (which I believe he wears in the pic that accompanies the Wikipedia article), or the König Wilhelm Adjutantenabzeichen I expect von Marchtaler may have had.Was he bestowed something like the Wilhelmskreuz mit Krone ind Schwertern? Any info you and others can give me, and any wartime pics you or other members can share very much appreciated. Best, Sandro
  8. Alex, You did good. I didn't know Rick very well either, but from the few virtual encounters I had with him, and from his many excellent postings on WAF and GMIC it is clear that he was a sharing person. Your donation of the document he left you to a museum befits his memory, so well done to both. Best, Sandro
  9. Got the book, many thanks for your help, wraith42 Kind regards, Sandro
  10. Thanks a lot. My Hungarian is less than it should be, but I've written to the seller - lets see if I get lucky. Kind regards, Sandro
  11. Dear Forumites, Can anyone help me locate a copy of this book please? Szent István lovagjai A legrangosabb magyar kitüntetés 250 éve, ISBN: 978 615 5209 34 5 I've written to the museum, and am awaiting their reply, but any help is appreciated. Best wishes for 2016, Sandro
  12. Hi, 

    I'm interested in Bavarian Christmas tree (General): 19,90 EUR + Shipping

    Is it still available, and if so how much is shipping to NL please? 

    Thanks, and kind regards,


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      Hi i gave it to the post office yesterday evening.

      best joe

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      Thanks, will let you know when it gets here. 



    4. GdC26


      Got it, thanks.