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    I have no objection to material being questioned by collectors if supported by a reasoned argument which is conducted in a civil and courteous manner. However the arrogant and somewhat cavalier attitude of the original poster has undermined the worth of the topic and it has therefore been locked.
  2. Hi A long time ago I tried to clean some german ribbon with just water as it was really dirty. It did clean it but it is not something I would do again as it did slightly fade the colour and changed the feel of the material making it very soft and pliable. I would leave it as is. Nick
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    Forum Upgrade

    Tim Thanks for the positive comments. It is still very much work in progress. I agree the search needs work and I am slowly working on ironing out the issues. It has been quite a leap of faith trusting in the developers who have been creating this new platform from scratch. Lots still to be done but slowly we are getting there. Nick
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    Forum Upgrade

    Thanks I need it ....
  5. Nick

    Forum Upgrade

    Members need to be aware that over the next few weeks there will be some major upgrades taking place on the forum. The most important changes are in relation to user log on. Some users may be using a different logon name to their display name. As of the upgrade users MUST log on with their public display name and not their log on name as this will no longer work. Other changes relate to the style and as well as some structural changes. I will try to keep forum down times to a minimum. But to achieve this there may be some periodic changes in style and display, so please do not be overly worr
  6. GMIC moved servers last night so some topics and posts may have been lost in the time it takes for the domain to direct from the old to the new server. Apologies but it was unavoidable.
  7. Nick

    Happy New Year

    Wishing all members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year over the coming holiday period. There are quite a few changes on the horizon for GMIC in 2015, so thank you for continuing to support the forum over the last 12 months and I am looking forward to the coming year. All the best to you all and your family"s Nick & all the volunteer staff at GMIC
  8. This topic is now locked. Although it would be easy for me to give the benefit of the doubt as to the motive for the post in the first place. I cannot help but feel that this has been posted to cause controversy. As rules and regulations are so often quoted : Rule 2:8 Overtly political or religious viewpoints are not considered to be suitable material for publication on this forum other than in a historical military context. It is understood that at times topical news stories or current world conflicts or events may need to be discussed and are relevant to the collecting world. Suc
  9. I am urgently looking for a detailed high resolution image of a Colonial Cyprus Police Badge. This is on behalf of a charity who are placing a memorial in Northern Cyprus this year to recognise those Police Officers killed during the Cyprus conflict. If anyone can supply a high resolution image (attached is a low resolution image which is not sufficiently detailed) it would be appreciated as this is needed to assist with the cutting of the memorial stone. Image taken for reference from http://www.hamwichouse.com/
  10. Fellows Auction House which is a reputable London based auction house has a Coin and Medal Sale on Thursday 31st July 2014. You can download a copy of the auction catalogue from here. Live bidding can be made via the internet and telephone. In keeping with the Great War Centenary there are some fine examples of WWI British Gallantry and Campaign Groups including a MM Group to the South Stafford's. Other medals include British Victorian medals, including the Most Eminent Order of the Empire of India. There is also a selection of British WWII campaign medals and a small selection of other medals
  11. Brian I was going to post my own contribution to the GMIC 10 year Anniversary. But Brian beat me to it and in such a way that says it all. The only reason that we can celebrate today is YOU the members who contribute and keep the forum alive. Without you we would not all be here 10 year since it started. I would also like to give a special thanks to all those that have financially contributed over the years, to keeping the forum alive. Quietly operating in the background, there have been many regular contributors who quite frankly have been the prop that allows us all to enjoy GMIC as it i
  12. I have witnessed some strange things at big auctions. Certainly not saying anything illegal, but there does seem to be, lets say an 'understanding' amongst dealers around who to bid against or not. It seems the big guns do not take on each other, but if there is a private purchaser on the floor they seen to be fair game. Pushing prices well above anything most mere mortals can afford.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25776836
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/24526419
  15. I would suspect that it is a veterans group, but the individual decided to add a few extras. My father was at a memorial service a few months ago and he met someone who had a Queens Silver Jubilee medal in his group. He was immediately suspicious as the guy had similar service to him and he queried with him how he had a silver jubilee medal as it was only issued to very few. This guy although serving, like my father would not have been in the running for receiving the medal. He became a bit embarrassed and started bluffing about how all those serving in 1977 were entitled to the medal, but
  16. I was lucky enough to attend a few years ago an evening with Gordon Corrigan who wrote Mud, Blood and Poppycock. He is quite a character and this comes across quite clearly in his writing. This book is a rather revisionist look at the Great War from a British Perspective. Some interesting but not particularly ground breaking facts are covered so the real student of WWI will not be in for any great surprises. But the way he delivers it, you will either love of hate. I know many who will really appreciate the ethos of this book and a few academics who will berate it.
  17. Continuing the current theme on the BBC website, another interesting snapshot of a European city pre outbreak of war. Historically it is refreshing to see an article which is pre WWI as so often Berlin's history is associated with the Weimar and Nazi era. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25635311
  18. This year marks the centenary of the Great War 1914-1918. In recognition of this GMIC will be establishing a Centenary area for you to post all you relevant topics relating to World War 1. At the end of the centenary period all posts will be moved to their respective areas. So get posting there is lots to discuss and see !
  19. To all our members on behalf of all the GMIC Moderators and Staff I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year. Our thoughts as always are with those that are serving overseas, away from their loved one and families. 2014 is due to be an exciting year for GMIC as it is our Ten Year Anniversary. It is also the 100 year commemoration of the outbreak of WWI. So we will be closely following this theme at GMIC with the addition of a special section to mark this important aniversary.
  20. May 2014 will celebrate the 10 year anniversary for GMIC. There are a lot of exciting things planned for next year at GMIC which also ties in with the 100 year remembrance anniversary for the Great War. Some of the things I will highlight are: A refreshed look and layout A dedicated World War I area to highlight the anniversary New GMIC anniversary membership badges for all members who take out a subscription or renew in 2014. GMIC Auction My thanks to all staff and members for keeping up the GMIC spirit and I am looking forward to the next 10 years ! Nick
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