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  1. Wow thanks a lot Paul. It´s nice to hear that this is definitely the ribbon bar of Hptm. d.L. Pogge. Thanks a lot for verifying it Best wishes Karsten
  2. Hello, after the thread of Claudio about Lt. Heinrich Wolfgang von Abendroth who was KIA in GSWA, I like to post another photo which shows Hptm. Ludwig Pichler who was also KIA in GSWA. Hauptmann Ludwig Pichler was a württembergian native and served in the württembergian army (till 1905). From April 1905 Hptm. Pichler was member of the kaiserliche Schutztruppe in German Southwestafrica. So Hptm. Pichler arrived GSWA with the troop ship Lulu Bohlen (strength of the crew: 30 officers, 342 NCO´s and men and 435 horses). The departure from Hamburg was 20th april 1905 and the arriva
  3. I own that picture for some years now. It shows Forstmeister and Hauptmann der Landwehr Pogge. With help of Glenn J. I received the following infos: Karl Pogge, born 17 April 1873 at Schweckwitz in Pomerania. Served with the RFJK from 10 Nov 1896 to 19 Aug 1909. Forstmeister in Neubrück a.d. Spree. So Pogge was one of the four Feldjäger who were deployed to China. In my opinion it is also interesting that Pogge received Decorations from Russia and Italy for his participation on the Boxer-War in China (1900/1901) but no german awards like (for example) the prussian Crown Order 4
  4. Wow a wonderful group. I like a lot those complete groups, congratulation and thanks for sharing it. But I have also a little surprise for you The commander of Koepke who signed the South-West Afrika Campaign medal doc, received also the South-West Afrika Campaign medal Best wishes Karsten
  5. Thanks a lot that would be helpful. Here is the SDA-Link with your bar: http://h1797427.stratoserver.net/public_html/wbb3/board3-3/board9-deutsche-auszeichnungsgruppen-und-ordensschnallen-bis-1918/58429-hilfe-mit-restaurieren/ Best wishes Karsten
  6. The difference between Sachsen-Meiningen and Sachsen-Altenburg are the following: Sachsen-Altenburg had no lettering (for example Afrika) and note also the swords handles! Those swords of Sachsen-Altenburg look more like sabers... ...or rather the swords handles are curved and those curved swords handles are outside of the clasp plate. Perhaps VtwinVince can post his nice Sachsen-Altenburger-colonial-medal-bar for demonstrating the last point. Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha had only swords on the ribbon. For example Sergeant Spittel: So the discussed "Ernestiner" on the nice c
  7. Feldwebel Handke and my last contribution is that medalbar of a high-decorated Cameroon-NCO. He´s wearing all three types of the Long Service Award. Best wishes Karsten
  8. Also nice and interesting is the medalbar of that unknown Feldwebelleutnant.
  9. Vzfw. Bruckner Another one who mixed his awards (MEZ 2 and South West Africa Medal). Another one who was so excited because of his marriage
  10. Hello, I have the following infos (DKB 1905): Am 24. Februar aus dem Heer ausgeschieden und mit dem 25. Februar 1905 in der Schutztruppe angestellt: nach erfolgtem Ausscheiden aus der Königlich Sächsischen Armee: die Königlich Sächsischen Leutnants: v. Abendroth im 1. (Leib) Grenadier Regiment Nr. 100, als Leutnant, [...] mit Patent vom 23. August 1902; and the battle report of vAbendroth last battle (Deutsche Reiter in Südwest). Best wishes Karsten
  11. Hello, I hoped that one of these guys: Stiegel, Maquinista da Marinha de guerra da Alemanha Grieb, Comissário da Marinha de guerra da Alemanha would be the owner of the mentionend medal bar but nobody of them served in Togo between 1890 and 1894. So no match By the way Stiegel was "Marine-Ingenieur". In 1902 (Marine-Stabsingenieur (Patent: 10th April 1899) he had: RAO4, KO4, PBd´A3 and RSt3 And now? May be an ROA4 instead an AEZ? In that case I researched for those mentioned officers and had the following results: These officers had another combinations of awards:
  12. In my opion the portugese order would be the key! I think there should be only a few possibilities who got that portugese order. With those few names we could check up who got also the colonial medal of those candidates. Finally we´ll check up if someone of them also received the prussian AEZ (Ordensliste). Did someone have a list of the portugese order? Best wishes Karsten P.S: Congrats to that nice and interesting bar
  13. Do that photo also shows a member of the military railway? He wears the insignia of the railway but I don´t know if he´s a military. Unfortunately nothing on the backside. Best wishes Karsten
  14. Here is another nice photo-example of a RAO4x in wearing. Hope you like it. Unfortunately no doc and "hardware", by now =) Best wishes Karsten
  15. Wow thanks for posting that nice photo. Here is another photo of Oblt. Benzien. My photo should be taken after his return from China. Best wishes Karsten
  16. Hello Chris, as I understand the content of the Bernd´s article correctly, I would say that only three germans received the African General Service Medal. There were no awards for German-Eastafrica or other german colonies. I don´t know if there were awarded any other british campaign medals to germans... ....but I don´t think so (except China 1900/1901!). Oblt. von Stephani was the only german officer who received that british award. Best wishes Karsten
  17. Mhmm interesting. In the DKB of 1911 (AKO 21st April 1911) are only two men listed who received the African General Service Medal with the battle clasp: West Africa 1908 The only officer who received the West Africa 1908 bar was Hptm. von Stephani but he died in 1936. In the magazin: "Döbel, Bernd (2002): Eine britische Kriegsmedaille für deutsche und farbige Soldaten der Schutztruppe in Kamerun. In: BDOS Jahrbuch" you will find the info that also Vzfw. Buchholz received the African General Service Medal with the battle clasp: West Africa 1908 So there were in total only 3 awards to g
  18. Also very rare (at the end of the medal bar) : African General Service Medal with the battle clasp: West Africa 1908 His name Feldwebel Schultze-Dewitz, who received his decorations for his actions in Cameroon. Best wishes Karsten
  19. Should also be not often seen on german medal bars: Medal for Meritorious Deeds and Achievements (China) or Chinese Commemorative Medal (China) ??? Look here: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/58416-double-dragon-for-marine-generalarzt-dr-oskar-nenninger/ Best wishes Karsten
  20. Should also be rare. A nice decorated Southwestafrica-veteran. Unfortunately still unknown... ...At the end of his bar he is wearing: Royal Victorian Medal May be he will be indentifiable by the english and bavarian awards. Best wishes Karsten
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