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  1. Just a small update, I enlarged the picture and got this as I read it: 걸프찯참기장 which literaly would be like Gulf something badge, 참 ----> I can't make out this part of the sentence if its a D or M If I had to translate it myself I would probably end up with : 걸프 전쟁 배지 which just means "Gulf War Badge" Anyway I study Korean so that's what you get from a semi-intermediate student lol or in English K(G)eulpeu (Gulf) Jeon Jaeng (war) baeji (Badge) Yeah I hope my teachers would be proud lol I hope I helped a bit P.S. Gulf War Medal would be: 걸프 전쟁 메달 in my student terms!
  2. I have yet to be issued this magnificent creation I would end up wearing it everywhere lol
  3. Wait are these in actual "new" condition, or have they just been laid down to rest and never looked at (ie theres still 50s oil in that thing that could have rusted half the engine by now) For someone who has the money and can restore this thing, I guess it is a nice score. If they aren't in near perfect condition I won't see them pulling too much money out of it (of course when they do get sold they'll probably pull some big money from nostalgia guys and I will be wrong with my initial observation, as usual! ) Something more amazing would be an old WW2 airfield they havn't touched coming back to life with some "new" B-17s, P-51s, P-39s and other goodies for auction, then that might make me mortgage my families homes and go for a bidding war mu hahahaha
  4. Many Thanks on this info I've sent a small pm
  5. Maybe in the near future we will see a medal for "Collecting Soviet Orders and Medals, Medal" in 2 versions, domestic and foreign Then we can all apply for one hehehe would be cool
  6. The back translation for the green medal is Republic of Korea, Ministry of National Defence, Civil for the other side and other medal I can't see them all that well from their current position.
  7. Order of St. George. It looks almost like a miniature to me... The white enameled version is a bit rarer, but again wait for an expert to confirm if its real or not kinda sucks that theres no number on reverse. but its still a nice find if legit.
  8. Order of St. Anne, Civil Division. not sure if that's a sash or ribbon, is it gold or bronze? (what markings are on it?) It looks ok, but the pics aren't that great, ask for better pictures and wait for an expert I can only tell you a basic thing
  9. I think they're (the CSM) the newer type ribbon for the suspension (5 star suspension?) ribbon I've seen a couple around on ebay like that, just never knew that they actually wore them as such
  10. Rogi

    Imperial Chinese Medals

    Chinese collectors have started (for a bit of time now) to re-purchase items that relate to their country and history, which is part has driven up prices on these orders and medals. A quick ebay search should result in a couple answers. I'm not 100% sure if we are allowed to discuss MSRP :S
  11. If I remember correctly, they had a spot at the end of the movie indicating who received what order and such from the Defense. It was something from 57 to 69 or something that they awarded most of the orders, I know there was a Lenin and a couple HSUs indicated in the movie. Although I'm not sure if they were awarded for real or not but its worth double checking.
  12. Fantastic Love the Medal of Ushakov and what a wonderful gesture
  13. The Fortress is a fantastic movie Paul, if you havn't already check it out
  14. The BM I posted is here:D on this link, I posted a while ago, but I love sharing this BM its on my top 3 favorites in my collection Really amazing write up http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/58921-bravery-medal-leningrad-front-vs-finns-artillery-commander/ Citation: Bravery Medal #31,722 : “Comrade Anton Lavrentevich Pashchenko is a forceful, disciplined, and demanding commander, fearless in combat with the enemy. While advancing behind the infantry, Comrade Pashchenko displayed his hatred of the enemy by destroying more than one hundred enemy personnel, two heavy machineguns, and two mortars with his cannon. On 27 August 1941 the enemy attempted to cross the Vuoksi River and attack our units, but due to Comrade Pashchenko’s fearlessness, he wheeled out his 76mm cannon and firing on direct lay, twice disrupted the enemy’s crossings and causing heavy losses. At night when the White Finn submachine gunners tried to attack the platoon in which Comrade Pashchenko’s gun was located, he again displayed his bravery and heroism firing on direct lay, smashing the enemy with canister ammunition. During the capture of Beloostrov, Comrade Pashchenko caused heavy enemy losses with his cannon. Answering Comrade Stalin’s challenge, the crew of this young, fearless commander accomplished new results in destroying thirty six enemy personnel, two heavy machine guns, one light machine gun, and set four buildings on fire in Aleksandrovka. For his combat accomplishments, bravery, courage, and fearlessness, Comrade Pashchenko is deserving of the Bravery Medal.” Here is Lt. Pashchenko's photo from his service record, its by far my most favorite group ever I wish I could re-unite those Red Stars to him One day maybe
  15. No worries, I can't wait to see if we can find out exactly what it is I've been looking through the web a lot these days for this buckle lol
  16. WOW that is what collecting is all about collecting the medal bar, hoping to hope that it will arrive one day and then BAM ! This renews hope for all of us in it for the long run Awesome, thank you so much for sharing the photo with us, and the story Rick This is a story for everyone in the forum not just Rick hehehehe
  17. Amazing Thank you sooooo Much What model of Spit is it, Mk. Vb? Ix? Looks like a 9 (IX) The video inspired me to make Spitfire PA 944 (I make static models )
  18. What an awesome medal, thank you for sharing it with us Dan
  19. I'm sorry Dan, but when I look at that medal/badge it looks like a Russian version of "Thomas the Tank Engine" or to be precise - Tomislav the Tank Engine hehhehehe makes my day, thanks for posting
  20. Obi, do you have more boxes by any chance, ie boxes that some of my orders might fit into
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