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  1. Tony, A great addition and a fitting close to a sad story. At least one of the many 1st of July KIA and MIA cases is not forgotten. David
  2. That looks like the base of a German 77 mm shell case. Can we see the rest?
  3. Wild Card, That must be as rare as hens' teeth. The only maker mark I have seen on the 1914 issue is a G for Godet. Is there any maker mark on the 1871 issue you show above? David
  4. Ed, The ribbon worn by the officers in their buttonholes beneath the EK one is almost certainly for the Milit?rverdienstkreuz 2nd class of Mecklenburg-Schwerin on the left, and the Kreuz f?r Auszeichnung im Kriege of Mecklenburg-Strelitz on the right. Both crosses were worn with the same ribbon, and were each the award bestowed before the related pinback crosses. EK2 and Milit?rverdienstkreuz 2nd class of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: EK2 and Kreuz f?r Auszeichnung im Kriege of Mecklenburg-Strelitz:
  5. Ben, That is a terrific find. What else have you discovered? When you are next there, could you find out the maker and age of the crane and hoist, please? The information should be on the data or rating plates attached to the bridge and one on the bottom block (moufle inf?rieure) of the hoist. Thanks in advance, David
  6. And maexle19 has positive feedback from cetra2003, who I already had in my sights some time ago: Cetra's first appearance as a baddie Any other known multiple identities?
  7. The owner didn't seem to be enjoying the end of his world and waxed lyrical about his approaching demise. In his last entry, he told his dearest that he was taking a last look at a photograph of her and was then about to shoot himself. Strange ...
  8. The photo below shows Leutnant der Reserve Rau of Mecklenburgisches Grenadier-Reiment Nr. 89 proudly wearing his EK1 and Mecklenburg-Schwerin MVK 1st class on the left, and an as yet unidentified fellow officer, probably of II. Bataillon, wearing his EK1 and Mecklenburg-Strelitz cross on the right. The picture was probably taken during a parade held behind the Somme front in the second half of 1916.
  9. Good idea! As an owner of what now seems to be a questionable MVK2X, I would like to see the purveyor of these ruined pieces sweat a little. It might not help me, but it might stop him from screwing so many people in future.
  10. Perce, As a paperwork collector with a soft spot for Milit?rp?sse, I can congratulate you on a rare document. What else do you know about the boat and its crew? David
  11. Dante, He didn't manage to remain entirely unscathed. He was wounded on 10 January 1916 and was assigned to a convalescent company on 21 July of the same year. David
  12. Daniel, From their award documents, three that you may already have: Leutnant der Reserve Ernst Paczoch, IR 175, 26. Februar 1917, Rollennr. 5140 Leutnant der Reserve Heinrich Giesbert, FAR 69, 10. Juni 1918, Rollennr. 7251 Leutnant Oskar Wiss, IR 99, 17. Juni 1918, Rollennr. 7393 With 142 awards in just one week, June 1918 must have been a busy month at the Generalkommission. David
  13. Most WW1 award documents do not refer to the circumstances of the award, although some EK documents, such as those for the XXVI Reserve-Korps, provide details of the location and sometimes for the act. Citations are only typical for the rarer bravery awards.
  14. Mike, Could you post a scan of the backs and pin/catch systems, please? I would also be interested in seeing a close-up of the right angles where the arms meet. Are they drilled or cut in any way? Thanks in advance, David
  15. Dave, That reads "Kommandeur der Res-Fuhrpark-Kol. 84, Res. Trainabt. 51", which is slightly more legible on this award document for his EK2 in December 1914. From another invitation to a Hof-Soir?e, I know that he was a Leutnant a.D. in December 1913. I wonder if his name appears in any other rolls? I would love to know where his Schwarzburg award document is now. Keep up the good work, David
  16. He went on to become a Doctor of medicine and was awarded the KVK2X in January 1943. The ribbon bar shown in the photo above:
  17. Bavarian Leutnant der Reserve Hans N?her was awarded the MVK3 with crown and swords as an Unteroffizier with Reserve-Pionier-Bataillon Nr. 2 on 15 January 1916 and the MVO4X on 5 February 1918. This portrait was probably taken soon after he was awarded the EK1 on 6 April 1918.
  18. IR 331 was raised on 12 June 1915 from Besatzungs-Regiment Nr. 3 Posen (Brigade R?diger, for a ti,e designated 'Bott', Korps, Posen). I. Bataillon was formed from 4. Landsturm-Infanterie Trier (VIII. 30) II. Bataillon was formed from 1. Ers.-Btl./L.I.R. Nr. 19 III. Bataillon was formed from 1. Ers.-Btl./I.R. Nr. 58, 1. Ers.-Btl./I.R. Nr. 154 and Landsturm-Kompagnie Turek (V. 41) I cannot see any connection to Bremen there, but there may be one with other units of 83. Infanterie-Division or formations that fought alongside them.
  19. Dave and Glenn, I would very much like to obtain legible copies of the Stammlisten for GR 89 and FR 90. Dave, do you have scans or a PDF file for the complete FR 90 list? Many thanks in advance, David
  20. Rick, At a guess, they might have been connected with some sort of local patriotic organisation or simply something unofficial done by the platoon, company or whatever. David
  21. Hi Chris, This is the only image of an Edelweiss being worn on a cap that I have. Unfortunately, it is not possible to discern the collar strap monogram or any other details. David
  22. Christophe is correct. The abbreviation stands for Dienstauszeichnung 2. Klasse, presumably for 12 years of service.
  23. Ulsterman, There are a couple of Austrian-based sellers on German eBay who sell a selection of original Imperial German and related ribbons on a regular basis. They seem to be selling off old tailor's stock, but much of what they offer is only in widths suitable for ribbon bars. The usual suspects buy from them regularly. David
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