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  1. Vet society insignia? Cross & swords body component looks like inspired by or made using Bulgarian Military Bravery pin-back badge die . If latter probably 55 mm. diameter.
  2. Hello Nick and thank you for this information, images and, most of all, for your good wishes! These images reveal high manufacture quality of a very rare 'modern' award. The document [to Martha Mödl the opera singer?] indicates the quality of persons honored with this decoration. All best regards, EJ
  3. For general Information. A colleague reminded me that the State of Bavaria renewed the Maximilian Order years ago and provided the following information. Insignia supposedly made by Hemmerle, Munich largely duplicates that of the 1853 Order save for the suspension. Bavarian Maximilian Order The Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and the Arts is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements in the fields of science and art and represents a particularly high state honor. The number of order holders should not exceed one hundred. The award goes to German scien
  4. Emmanuel didn't Nelson Mandela receive the Order of Excellence of Guyana in 2006 or thereabouts?
  5. Black enamel cross likely German Knight's Cross aka Randow Cross; silver cross probably a Russian exile St. George cross if centre is knight slaying dragon.
  6. Tend to agree with P.F. Missing ones may mislead but this seems to be leaning towards one of his Red Cross oriented bars -- missing Hungarian Horthy-era Red Cross special decoration.
  7. Thank you! I do not understand either but good photos!
  8. Greetings Paul, See thread below--this is first type and there was an associated collar.
  9. Sometime ago a thread on Greek awards focused on the Greek Valor Cross--I cannot find that thread now, however. One point involved discussion of the very rare neck badge of this award. A GMIC member wanted to see examples of this award. Just yesterday, a French-made one sold at auction. It realized about 4025 euros including commission. I do not seem able to post images but they now may be located at https://www.audap-associes.com/en/lot/99922/10897573
  10. Cannot view medal images. Are they similar to this unofficial Sapphire Jubilee medal? The ribbon pattern seems comparable.
  11. For nearly 40 years, the question of whether a royal Albanian langue of the Roman Catholic Order of the Knights of Malta ever existed during the Italo-Albanian Kingdom [1939-43] puzzled cognoscenti. Those interested will recall GMIC exchanges on this subject. [ See below, Bob's post of February 15, 2010]. Insignia purporting to be that of this order last appeared, to my knowledge, in a 1980's Graf Klenau auction catalog. Now it appears that a slightly damaged collar and pin back badge identified as this insignia may be located and even purchased!!! Take a look at https://www.audap-
  12. Morton & Eden sold a Norwegian type several years ago, seem to recall that it was a dot behind enamel pattern variety. That image may be available directly from them or on-line. Don't remember seeing any 'sunray' examples within the past 20-30 years though Kai Meyer may have had one in the 1970's. There are 2 types for Swedes, light blue enamel [and ribbon] and dark blue enamel [and ribbon]. The light blue [typical Swedish color] honored royals attending the celebration and dark blue went mainly to royal household staff. Neither of these have champlevé work under the enamel unli
  13. Civil Division Order of Oman mini. See, among others, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Oman.
  14. Elaborating on Rusty's above note, this image shows different Grand Cordon suspension swivel devices used by Messrs. Lattes/Bichay. Fahmy Bichay gave me these samples in 1980. The first is a standard device [20 mm overall] which has a spring type closure. The metal loop swivels between the cone beneath the top ring and the 'washer’ at the top of the actual suspension loop. The cone is smooth save for a crimp line at the base. These are heavily gold plated and made in Germany pre-1939. The second slightly larger standard device [25 mm overall] has a spring type closure but do
  15. Chiefs of protocol generally work out of a nation's foreign ministry. For a Finnish example see https://fi.linkedin.com/in/matti-heimonen-6705082. Usually very senior diplomats, they oversee ceremonial occasion details such as the proper order of receiving lines, seating placements, the formalities of joint press conferences, the proper titles of foreign dignitaries, ensuring that those dignitaries' names are spelled correctly and supplying interpreters. They foster understanding between peoples and governments. As such they often receive awards in the course of international diplomatic
  16. 2nd type, Red Robe so candidates include at least: pre WWI, Meyer or Scheid (Vienna), WW I & after Arthus Bertrand (Paris) and Huguenin (Le Locle). Sorlini and Griesbach & Knaus work is not often of this quality. But since there are no marks on ring (?) either of the Yugoslav makers might be possible. Some opine that Yugoslav makers did not make minis but retailed French or Swiss origin pieces. Bertrand work often has a maker punch on ring, Huguenin not so much. Meyer and Scheid [pre WW I] minis usually have marks. Lacking ring ID punches, sorry, but no definite answer
  17. Check OMSA ribbon bank--http://www.omsa.org/omsa-ribbon-bank/, If you are not an OMSA member you must join to access the ribbon bank.
  18. Never saw fakes of this grade - crown enamels [at least] damaged
  19. How about....... 5th class or 6th swords on commander badge with Civil Order of Alfonso X, the Wise, sash?
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