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  1. Hello Claudio! In the ranklist of honour I´ve found a Major a.D. Graf v. Normann-Ehrenfels from Gren.Rgt.119. His last duty in the war was in Bekleidungsamt XIII.AK (Clothng office XIII.Army Corps) He became reactivated by the outbreak of war. Last peace-time entry in ranklist 1913 as Hauptmann in Gren.Rgt.119 (2nd company). Medal: Ritterkreuz 1.class of "Hausorden der Wachsamkeit oder vom weißen Falken" Hauptmann: 20.4.10 But I don´ t know if he is it, because I couldn´t find any infos about the medals you mentioned...
  2. Hello! Great photo! I agree with Dave´s "translation". Here is a bad-quality-photo from my collection. Note the Sturmabteilung cap-bands! The writer wears my last-name... Feldpost 837 belonged to the 1st Naval Division. I found a Paul Bauer (Marine-Grenadier) in the casualty lists, but I don´t know, if it could be him... http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/2368645 The "Sturmabteilung des Marinekorps" was set-up in mid-1918 by "Generalkommando des Marinekorps Brügge". So I´m alittle bit puzzled, that your photo is dated summer/autumn 1917! Probably in that time the unit was stil not budgetary. Actions 1918: Coastal protection and battles in Flanders.
  3. I couldn´t find a connection. According to ,my sources the regiment hadn´t been in action in any mountains. Maybe the Leutnant serced with a mountain unit and came later to the 7th. and kept his hat...
  4. Hello! That is a brilliant photo! Superb!!!!! The grenade on the Bergmütze proofs that the shoulder board is artillery. The first photo (from Chris) probably shows a red shoulder strap, worn with the Bluse 15.
  5. Hello! Great photo! During the 2nd WW he was called "Bloody Ferdinand" (Blutiger Ferdinand) In WW1 he was heavy wounded twice http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/8255121 http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/4231305
  6. I agree, Andy! Unfortunately for us (furtunately for him...) no match in the casualty list. So you could visit ancestry...
  7. Spindler? Maybe it´s a "Sp" and the last one a "r" you can checvk all Vinzenz in list "Bayern" with unit 1
  8. I´m sorry. I´m not not a specialist in reading old scripts... Maybe "Spindler"?
  9. Hello! Great document!To me the signature is original!
  10. Hello Paul! The awards in #2 are: 1st cross: Commander Cross of Guelphen-Medal (2nd class - he later recieved 1st class) 2nd cross: Ernst-August Cross R.St.A.2. (B.): Russian St. Anna Medal with brilliants O.H.2.*: Oldenburger House and distinguished medal Commanders Cross 1.class B.H.L.2.*: Braunschweigischer Medal Heinrich des Löwen, Commanders Cross 1.Kl. P.R.A.2: Prussian Red Eagle medal Commander 1.class O.E.K.3.: Austrian medal of the iron crown, 3.class H.D.L.3.: Hesse Ludewig medal 3. class P.J.: Prussian Johanniter medal E.W.M.: Great-Britain Waterloo medal M.K.: Mecklenburg-Schwerin Military distinguished cross (Chief of general staff)
  11. Hello Albert! That´s absolutley right! The two captured Whippets first came to Charleroi to get restored. One of them (A249) was send to Berlin while the other stayed in Charleroi. A249 was seen with Abteilung 12 near Briey in August 1918 before sending to Berlin. The other one, A220 was given to Abteilung 13 in September 1918. This was the tank, used bei the Freikorps unit in 1919 Source: Beute-Tanks vol. 2 by Rainer Strasheim
  12. Hello Christer! It´s a british Mark A "Whippet": http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww1/gb/British_medium_Mark-A_whippet.php Some of the captured ones were used by the german forces.
  13. Yes. Müller is only a second name. Wilhelm could be both. But normally with a I or II it's the second name. Prussian officers often said, a soldier only has one first name - his rank...
  14. Hello Chip! Yes, you´re right! I didn´t see the helmet cover... Well, unfortunately we don´t know, if Wilhelm is his first or second name...
  15. Hello Douglas! I read "Unteroffizier Wilhelm II" There was an Unteroffizier August Wilhelm in RIR 221, who fell in summer 1916: http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/4726618
  16. I´m not sure, but eher you can download 583 free military documents and books about württemberg´s army in the great war: http://digital.wlb-stuttgart.de/en/collections/sammlungsliste/?no_cache=1
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