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  1. It´s a pity, that no-one else said something to your Krug... Hopefully more when it arrives...
  2. I wish you luck! But you´re right. It´s better to watch it "in hands" than "on photos". I have three Steins from my regiment (Feldart.Rgt.43). Two from ebay for between 250 and 300 each and one together with a Reservistenbild from the same person!
  3. I really hope you are right! Another thing that makes me wonder is the price. An original one from Leibregiment for under 200€... a little bit cheap, isn´t it? But I don´t want to make it bad. Let´s wait til it arrives! What would you say to the king? I´m really not sure, who he is Here is another site: http://www.reservistenkrug.de/replikas.html
  4. What about the picture inside the Stein? Ludwig II died in 1886: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_II_of_Bavaria Otto didn´t rule because of illness: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_of_Bavaria Luitpold? : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luitpold,_Prince_Regent_of_Bavaria What, if the Stein is a fake? A have seen faked Steins with faked names before... A lot of fakes had the picture of Ludwig II: http://www.reservistenkrugsammler.de/Kopien_Faelschungen.php "Gerne wird auch das Portrait vom Bayernkönig Ludwig II. als Bodenbild bei Kopien verwendet. " (The portrait of the Bavarian King Ludwig II is also often used as a base picture for copies.) I wonder that at the bottom is only a thin red line instead the blue/white colours. Compare your Stein with the Stein in chapter 2.) Die Form des Krug Henkels It looks similar... Unfortunately there are a few facts against an original one. 1) Ludwig II (if he is it) 2) no blue/white stripes 3) no match with the name 4) there are no photos from the inside of the lid. The inside must be brighter than the outside 5) no list of comrades from the company. No list = no check... I have three Steins. Each has a list ( compare here): https://www.ebay.de/itm/Reservistenkrug-Infanterie-Leib-Regiment-7-Kompanie-Munchen-1904-1906/192824272047?hash=item2ce538e4af:g:4cwAAOSwuTxWArgv
  5. I don´t think either... The Stein is from 1899. By outbreak of the war he was around 36, so probably he served with Landwehr or Landsturm, if he did serve...
  6. I also read Lenhard. The name ain´t too rare: https://www.kartezumnamen.eu/en/index.php?sur=Lenhard&s=Search By the way... Congrats to 28.000! Me, I did the 25.000th today in our forum!
  7. Hello! There was a Emil Kanzler from Lakendorf, Elbing, heavily wounded in 1918. http://des.genealogy.net/search/show/8304432
  8. What a wonderful photo, Chris! Could you please show a close-up of the helmet, the upper cross and the shoulder-straps? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hello! Great news! Thanks for the info! I´m glad the site is back!
  10. Hello! In a german-english military dictionary from 1943 stands: Querriegel = Thwart (used in engeneer-matters) I don´t know, if it helps...
  11. Hello! I cheked your photo again. I was wrong with Marinekorps. It´s a simple fieldgrey naval uniform since April 15, 1921. (Marine-Verordnungsblatt Nr.10) "Collar with Double-braidings like the early See-Bataillon, without collar-tabs." All NCO and EM had those crossed anchors on ther shoulder-straps. The crossed anchors for helmsmen were worn as an oval patch upon the upper arm
  12. Hello! To me it´s a photo from the early Reichswehrmarine since november 1919. Then the cocade was introduced. The collar mirrors and the shoulder straps are those from the imperial Marinekorps by removing the imperial crown.
  13. Hello! Marksman stripes 10th class! Great photo! Two large and two small stripes = 10th class Atelier in Munich. Without Guard-Litzen. So probably 1st or 2nd Inf.Rgt.
  14. Hello. We see an uniform of Jäger-Regiment zu Pferde N°13 from Saarlouis (XVI.Army Corps). He also wears an Oldenburg Friedrich-August Cross: http://www.medal-medaille.com/sold/product_info.php?products_id=2341 His rank is Oberleutnant (1 star) The ranklist of honour had two officers of that regiment, who served in the air service later in the war. Leutnant Neubaur in Flieger-Abt.8, wounded August 8, 1914, died August 21, 1914 in Sennheim (too early, so he won´t be it) Leutnant Schönberg in Flieger-Abt. (A) 254, missed April 14, 1917. But he could also be a reserve-officer. Those were not listed in the ranklist of honour. What´s the badge on his right side? Another pilot badge?
  15. Hello! Really, a nice photo! Me too, I like the steel-helmet-covers! Here is an example of the staff of 208th Inf.Div. (the so-called "Strich-Division). Note the the single stripe for the staff. Unit is Fernsprech-Abteilung 208 (> oval-patch)
  16. If I want to see the page this one arrives: A New WordPress Site Coming Soon!
  17. Kraus writes, that first the Alpenkorps was equipped with the "Gebirgshose". (17.8.11915). The Sturmbataillone recieved their leather-patched-trousers with ordre from 2.1.1917 (Kraus, vol. I, page 560). You wrote, a couple of photos were from 1918. In may 1918, the Gen.Kdo.59 was in the area of Cirey. In Sept./Nov. 1918 the Armee-Abteilung A was: VII.AK, XV.RK, Gen.Kdo.59, austrian IX.AK Units since 15.9.1918 13.ID (until 15.9.1918), 75.RD (7.10.-5.11.1918), 61.Ldw.Brig., 21.LD, 96.ID, 92.Res.Jg.Brig., 25.ID (18.-25.9.1918), 301.ID, 39.RD, hungarian 37.Honved-Div. What about a close-up of the helmet cover in #204, please?
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