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    I like Imperial for two reasons.

    First - it gives insight into the soldiers and history of this period in a very little understood area this side of "the pond". Soldiers are very important to me and little is appreciated of our opponants over the years. I also love the arcane!

    Second - I can't imagine ever getting bored with this stuff, It is so complex that one could spend a life or two and still not know it all. Great stuf & delightfully complex and quirky!

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    Guest Rick Research

    The endless variety of Imperial Germany's feudal/federal awards


    the beauty (usually) of said endlessly varied awards :love:


    and very much the simple ability TO be able to research recipients, using the ample paper trail of period sources. :jumping:


    When I fell into this, having graduated from the endless tedium of same old same old be-swastika'd zink, back 25 years, Imperial stuff was the little valued, low priced junk to pad out show tables and fill out catalogs-- stuff only cheap eccentrics :wacky: collected.

    Well, it isn't all that cheap anymore! :beer:

    I have never been able to "focus" my own interests, but if there was a Perfect Ideal, for me it would be a complete group of all awards, the award documents, photos of the recipient, and various insignia.

    In 25 years I have never encountered that Ideal, though I've seen a few that were close scattered flame to the winds.

    Still, it is nice to have a goal for the NEXT 25 years! :cool:

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    My interest is WWI British and imperial German. I think it was the last 'colourful' and old fashion war, the French had red trousers, Germans wore shiney head gear and the cavalry had horses and swords. If British or Empire troops had the chance to form a square they probably would have done.


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    Guest Rick Research

    Ooooo! love.giflove.gif You mean an as yet no Reuss rolls Saxon J?ger Battalion 13 NCO, David!

    That must be the Gold Merit Medal with Crown and Swords, from the two Saxon Friedrich August Medals. ohmy.giflove.gif

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    I'm reading a book on Waldeck awards that pictures General Neimeyer's medal bar.

    Well, Mr. Research, the answer may yet be found in some obscure writings of someone in the Saxon Reserve Jager Battalion 13.

    OR I may just have to learn to appreciate it for what it is---A very nice medal bar. jumping.gifbiggrin.gif

    Edited by Bob Hunter
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    I started on Third Reich EK's then handled my first silver 1914 EK and fell in love. Suddenly this arcane feudal world of Principalities and strange sounding house orders grabbed me and won't let go. Also WW1 fascinates me as a number of my ancestors fought and died from France through to Mesopotamia.

    And I am a closet enamel fetishist.

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    The beauty, the variety, and mostly that they come from a time when wars were waged, at least in theory, by gentlemen.

    (And the stench of zinc is a lot more bearable) laugh.gif

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