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    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

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    Partisan Star 1st CL?

    I was told that this is a russian screw back made of gold and than converted by IKOM to pinback.

    Is it realy very rare new Variation or nice fake?

    Russian PS1 types that are converted to pinback in IKOM are valued the same as original screwback PS1 types (I'd even rather have a screwback type). The extremly rare types are with marks(!) IKOM on the rear side. Those are worth a fortune!

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    Hi Bryan

    its a odd storry with ALL Yugoslavian orders which have been numbered. The consitency in the numbering was not upheld very much. The same with the numbering in documents. As evrything was "federalistic" I think that there have been too many cooks cooking togheter and there was not only one issuing authority. Ther was only one aproving authority and the rest was bureaucracy and paperwork.

    The result was that with the years passing by almost all orders lost their numbering and the awarding was on almost all orders without numbers (on the items).

    Best regards


    If a veteran earned a Partisan Star 1st Class and never worn it, I guess he would have been not so proud to have received that order. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, your star is very nice even if worn or not worn. :beer:

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    Is it rare to find documented partisan stars?

    You bet!

    During years of collecting Yugoslavian awards I've seen plenty of stars for sale (all classes), but just couple of documents.

    If you find any - I suggest you keep them.


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    It is a certificate that lieutenant Makutin Aleksandar Nikiforovich (Russian lieutenant ?) was awarded with Order of the partisan star III No. 2394, wich was awarded to him on the April 30th 1945.

    Certificate was issued as a temporary decree on May 5th 1945.

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    Very interesting order, it was hypothesis that there must be Orders of Partisan Star which were converted to pin-back.

    I think, that we will see 3rd class converted to pin-back as well.

    The way the conversion was done is interesting as well. I saw once Order of National Merit 1st class which was converted in similar way.

    This ist the earliest type of pin-back, I think. Maybe we will see another types of pin back as well.

    Thank you Ivan for this image.

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    Can you see any hallmarks? I'm wondering who made the conversion. It looks like 'home-made' it means to me that it were probably very first conversion. The conversion were done as far I know only in ZIN later after privatisation renamed in ZNB. It could be that they were converted by ZIN at that time without hallmarks or any other signs.

    It would be great, if you could post these other conversions.

    Thank you Ivan

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