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    Dutch Medals and Medalbars

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    These are 2 Netherlands Multi National Peace Keeping Operation ( Operation not related with U.N. ).This medal was instituted in 1982 and was obsolete by 2001 when it was replaced by a new medal which is now awarded for all Peace Keeping Operation (with or without U.N.)

    The one with blue & yellow edge was used for Irak 1991 War and lots of Military Operation around Irak up to 1998.

    More info on these ribbon for Multi National Operation there : www.mymedals.eu/MissionFrame.html

    Very helpfull & interesting.


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    Does anyone can provide some information on this recently instituted dutch medal.

    I guess it's a high ranking operational award,but I have no info on it.

    The reverse read : " Koninkrijk der Nederlenden " around center and in center " Minister van Defensie " in 3 lines + hallmarks.

    I just know that at least one such medal was awarded to an officer of the United Arab Emirates Army.

    If anyone has one for sale,I might be very interested (who knows).


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    Great! Is thisone in your collection? Do you have a name of the wearer?

    Hello Sir,if I have written that I would be happy to purchase one,it is because that one is only from my data bank,not from my collection.

    Even living in Belgium it's never that easy to get recent dutch medal,maybe there is less collectors in the Netherlands ??

    Or maybe they don't want to share ? I know there is militaria in the Netherlands,but I still wait for a Medals & Orders only fair to be organised in the Netherlands.

    If one day it exist I will go almost all the times it could be organised...


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    Because I once collected medals to the South African Merchant Navy, a friend offered me one to the Dutch Merchant Navy and I bought it for what I thought was a low price. I still don't know if it has any value. The record I have of the medal is as follows:

    Netherlands War Commemorative Cross 1940 - 1945 with three clasps (Oorlogdienst-Koopvaardij 1940-1945; Middellandse Zee 1940-1945; Oost-Azie - Zuid-Pacific 1942-1945) awarded to:

    Captain Egbert Hoekstra

    Born on 6/10/1913 in Koudum, Friesland.

    Recorded as "Missing at sea 1940-41".

    Promoted to Captain in 1945.

    Harbourmaster at Surabaija, Indonesia.

    Expatriated on "Willem Ruys".

    Settled in South Africa, where he died.

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    Here is a trio of Dutch medals from my collection.

    It starts with the Cross of Merit, then the War Merit Cross with clasp: 'Nederland Mei 1940' and ends with the Officers Cross with year marking 'XX'.

    The Cross of Merit, in Dutch: Kruis van Verdienste' is an award for bravery 'in face of the enemy'. This example is made bij Koninklijk Begeer after WW2.


    post-8267-034958900 1288250657_thumb.jpg

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    Hello ilja559,

    I am afraid that don't have a picture of the backside of this medal.

    I do have a picture of another Dutch medal, front and back for comparison.

    This one is the Dutch WW2 cross (Oorlogsherinneringskruis). It was awarded in large quantities from 1948 on in this form. The medal and the bar were struck with Koninklijke Begeer, Voorschoten. The company Fa. Tack, Breda put it all together on the ribbon. After this procedure the medal was personally awarded or sent by mail.


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