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    I hope that you don?t mind minis.

    Chances of seeing a full size first class Brunswick Women?s Merit Cross, only nine were awarded, are extremely rare. So we will have to settle for the little sister.

    She is kind of cute though, isn?t she?

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    Guest Rick Research

    A Roll exists for the Sachsen-Meiningen "Orden" f?r Frauen und Jungfrauen in der Kriegsf?rsorge (1915-1918) but unfortunately all that survived to be passed on to me was the first page-- all of whom are Princesses.

    Oddly enough a single woman received the men's Meiningen Kreuz f?r Verdienst im Kriege am Nichtk?mpferband-- Frl. Anna Prehn, Secretary of the National Foundation for Next Of Kin of Those Killed in the War, Berlin-Charlottenburg.

    The complete Rolls for Lippe-Detmold's Bertha Orden, Frauenverdienstkreuz, and Frauenverdienstmedaille will be included when the Detmold Rolls are published later this year as part of our ongoing transcription of rolls from the Seymour circle.

    Whoever got either of the latter two Lippe women's awards from the Eric Ludvigsen collection (Thies' 30. Auktion 15. Juli 2006, Lose 132 and 133) was very very lucky indeed. I doubt any of us will ever see others.

    Now I know we have some Arts & Sciences awards here for ladies....

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