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This is one of several of David S's that have been driving me nuts for 9 months:

Once from the Evil Ricky Collection (as much of our goodies were and are), this has the distinction of being the earliest datable "BrK2a" device bar I've ever seen-- from the combination and lack of a Prussian long service XXV, 1918 to spring of 1920.

The combination immediately screams 38th Infantry Division, XIth Army Corps BUT there are sooooo many officers who have similar combinations and some consisent inconsistencies :Cat-Scratch: that it has been keeping me awake nights.

Then I just realized that my Prime Suspect's portrait has been residing here on my shelves for years:

Just GREAT-- NO ribbon bar in sight!!!! :banger:

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Information gleaned from Glenn, Daniel, and of course our very own selflessly transcribed, amended, data-packed AND published for the clamoring demand of our adoring public WW1 award rolls--

Hans Ferdinand Herbert James von Einem

born Northeim, Hanover 27 July 1873, died G?ttingen 28 July 1944; son of Generalmajor aD Arnold Max von Einem (1839-1896) and Pauline Gosewisch (1843-1915).

Sekondelieutenant 17.05.92

Oberleutnant 23.03.01 U in 1902 Adjutant Ulanen Rgt 11

Rittmeister 13.09.06 Q6q in 1914 Adjutant (uniform K?rassier Rgt 4) 38th Infantry Division

Major 19.08.14 G5g

charakterisiert Oberstleutnant aD

Commanded Reserve Ulanen-Sch?tzen Regiment 4 in January 1918

Commanded K?rassier Regiment 4 03.08.18-? 14.02.19

EH2bX 19.07.16 Coburg and Meiningen as Major 1st Adjutant 38th Inf Div *** (replacing EH3aX--?)


(BrK1 ?)

Ribbon bar




BrK2a (Daniel-- hellllllllp-- what is the SOURCE for this CRUCIAL award as THE final indicator of whose bar this was?)

GSF3aX as Major, Adjutant of the 38th Division, 1914 6th entry on the "Prussian" roll

EH3aX 26.10.14/03.05.15 Coburg and Meiningen as Major, 1st Adjutant 38th Inf Div ***

REK(j or ?)L2X (?)

SEK2X (?)

?M3K (helllllllp Daniel !!!)

But von Einem also got the

CM2X 02.01.18 as Major Reserve Ulanen-Sch?tzen Regiment 4 NOT on this wartime, pre-1920 (no XXV) ribbon bar?

Could it be a 1915/16 bar, never corrected by removal of the EH3aX, and to which the DEVICE on the BrK2 was added? Or, contrary to the Ernestine Rolls, did he KEEP both classes and NOT, as marginally noted, turn the EH3aX in for his EH2bX?

The ONLY other all-but-matching recipient was OTL aD Helmuth Bohm (1873-1933) but he also had an HOH3X in addition to the CM2X and NO known decoration from Brunswick! Of the two, von Einem is thus the more likely, if the source for the Brunswick award can be tracked down again, and he turns up in Reuss and Schwarzburg rolls--as virtually everyone at his level did, at least the ones who continued on into the Reichsheer.

Starke Verlag?s ?Handbuch der Adeligen H?user: Adelige H?user B Band I,? 1954 has the ? photo of him in civilian clothes facing page 80, with his entry on page 82 as founder and archivist of the von Einem family association. It also states he was an Ehrenritter of the Johanniter Order. Starke's genealogical volumes on noble German families are invaluable and I most highly recommend them. Many of their volumes still "in stock" are unsold originals from over 50 years ago!

Daniel, being our eagle-eyed photo spotter has, I assume, somewhere, sometime either gotten a look at Hans in uniform or seen his award documents come up for sale in a long past auction. After racking my brains for months, this is the closest I can get to an identification. :banger:

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Yes indeed. All von Einems are related to each other. Their family motto should have been E Pluribus EINEM. :rolleyes:

I never go over there, so any discussion or questions/answers wanted can come over here.

That was the very last group that I identified for George Seymour, which is why he bought it. (Ironically he "needed" a "Venezuela" Colonial medal bar because he had sold me the only other one he ever had a million years ago.)

Did you end up with it? If it's yours :cheers: can doubtless add much more since my ejection from there.

THAT One Of Them was a second cousin to (hopefully verifiable) MY One Of Them-- their grandfathers were brothers, both sons of Hanoverian Oberstlieutenant aD Johann Gottfried von Einem (1783-1850).

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  • 7 months later...


Glenn has been to the Reichshauptstatdt and found not ONLY a portrait of Hans von Einem in uniform in his K?rassier Regimental Stammliste BUT

oh most auspicious of days---

he is wearing THIS ribbon bar. :jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping:

Note the overlapped Red Eagle tucked under the Iron Cross, the wiggling 4 Xs and that awkwardly high wreath on his ?M3K. What he is NOT wearing is the Bew?hrungsabzeichen device to his BrK in 4th place. Thanks to the weird spectrum shift in old photographic chemicals that turns dark blue pale and yellow as dark as black (1897 medal in 3rd place and Schwarzburg in next to last) I'd never have been able to guess whaat the moir? shimmy in 4th place was.


Major von Einem continued to wear BOTH Ernestines: he did NOT turn in his Knight 1st when he got the Commander. He DID get the Brunswick Cross... and never updated his ribbon bar with the CM2X.

and this CONFIRMS his identity and makes the THIRD bar in my collection that I have a photo of the EXACT bar being worn.

Yaaaaaaaaay !!!!

:cheers:Thanks Glenn! !!!!!

(It is VERY important for Research Gnomes to be able to scratch Mystery Bars off our Awaken At 3 A.M. Fretting Lists. :catjava: )

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Great work and a fantastic resolution. The von Einem family was one of the grand old Adelsgeschlechts of Prussia, hence the seemingly endless number of members. If you think that family is confusing, try one like the von der Schulenburg.

Amazing work...

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Let's see:

Story began in 1991, when George Seymour and Neal O'Connor travelled (round trip air fares, hotels, rental cars) behind the former Iron Curtain, checking out previously unknown Imperial era archives and obtained the Ernestine Duches and Weimar rolls for unknown cost xeroxing and shipping. Factor in the cost of Rank Lists, Seniority Listss, regimental Stammlisten, "Dead Vons,"Starke Verlag noble families' genealogical volumes, etc. Then these Rolls in manuscript copied Sutterlin handwriting were passed on to me after George's death and obtained by me after a 3 1/2 hour drive each way to fetch them at 2006 gas prices :cheers: , and about 8 months full time out of my life typing up those for the Rolls books (copies still available :rolleyes: ), and then Daniel's equal time editing them, getting the Rolls books printed, and shipping them. Cost of this ribbon bar and shipment both ways across North America. Cost of Dave getting Schwarzburg rolls copied (round trip air fare, hotels, rental car...) and time invested typing that. Ending with Glenn's drive halfway across Germany and back with scan for me today.

Oh, and all our monthly internet access fees.

Start to finish-- 17 years.

Persons involved: George Seymour, Neal O'Connor, Wild Card, Evil Ricky, David S, me, Daniel Krause, Dave Danner, Glenn J = 9.

Total "expenditure" if billable hours, travel reimbursement etc? Roughly 2.6 million National Currency Units! :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

Welllllll, maybe not QUITE.... but More Than Is SANE anyway. :catjava:

:cheers: Gnomes ! Gnomes! Gnomes!

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Always been one of my favorites and I will confess that for every bar that satisfaction was found quickly back when I had oodles of these just falling out of the sky into my lap........

....... I secretly delighted in the ones that kept him perplexed. Why, you ask? (such evilness)

Because he is my friend, my bestest of buddies and researching made him HAPPY!

(Not so evil after all, eh?)

Congratulations Rick, one more scratched off the list!

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  • 3 years later...

Yes, please show scan of sword. Can't imagine a cavalry officer wearing an infantry pattern sword, but as we have often seen (down in THAT forum) Stranger Things Have Happened.Cat%20Scratch.gif:speechless1:

For those of you old enough to remember me :whistle: I am indeed still alive, still endlessl transcribing rolls and


NOT online. Just visiting today. Can't make any promises as to when I shall return, but anything addressed to me will be passed on by old friends who reach me in the Live World.

NICK: whatever happened on previous log-in attempt... neverrrrr mind. Working now. Senility retreats another step!!!! :cheeky:

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