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Schinkel Form EKs

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Hi All...

I'm hoping that I got lucky with this one! I don't know what the general opinion is on these Schinkelform EK2s.

It is a one piece (unmarked) cross, non-magnetic with a 'pebbled' type finish to the core area. It's quite worn looking with some paint loss to the raised areas on the obverse and a larger section on the reverse. The jump ring is pulled away on the obverse side. Aside from the obvious wear, it seems to be of a good quality manufacture. It also has an even sized flange all the way around the cross, unlike some fake Schinkels I have seen. I have seen the same cross for sale on a few dealers sites and also posted in other forums.

I have read somewhere that one piece Schinkelform crosses do exist, so does anyone know if this cross is genuine?

I hope someone can help me on this one!

Regards - Danny


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I'm going to stick my neck out here and say that I think that this Schinkel is ok. The date numerals on both the back and front match up to known originals, and the shape, style and size of the swastika look correct as well. Non magnetic Schinkels are encountered, and deemed to be original Third Reich pieces, so no issue with that either.

One question. Are you positive that it's one piece ? I ask as the photo of the front appears to show two frames, with the rear frame marginally overlapping the front. Look at the bottom right of the six o' clock arm and the bottom edge of the nine o' clock arm. I have a Schinkel with a magnetic iron core but which has seen some wear over the years, and the join on the rims is now virtually invisble, hence why I ask.

Anyway, for what it's worth, in my opinion I think this EK is good.

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i am inclined to agree with david.

rather than a one piece, i would bet that this is

a two piece affair which is hollow-centered.

thus, it would be made of two stamped pieces,

a reverse and an obverse. i've seen these in

the 1914 version, but have not in the '39.

i'm sticking my neck out a bit as well, but

think it is a period piece.


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Thanks David and Joe for your opinions.

I had not considered that it may be a two-piece. I have carefully studied the cross under magnification and still I cannot ascertain if this is in fact a single or a two piece. In the sections David has mentioned, there does indeed seem to be a trace of a seam, but elsewhere there is absolutely no evidence. The cross itself is very 'thin' and lightweight (slimmer than a regular three piece 1914 EKII, I have no way of weighing it at the moment.) I will try to get some more detailed photographs of the 'seam area' soon to see if we can make a definate prognosis.

Thanks again for your help.

Regards - Danny

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