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I’m amazed how you guys ID these medals...

ive always loved these awards since the day I saw all classes displayed for sell in a dealer’s shop in Nuremberg in 1988. I couldn’t afford anything but the lower classes. It took years for me to acquire several higher grades and im thrilled to own an MVO2, MVO3, MVO4mS, MVO4, MVK2, MVK3mS, MVK3. I would love to find an MVK1 sometime.

On 02/12/2018 at 15:12, spolei said:

Very nice. This is a late production of Hemmerle (1918) with silver guilt medaillon. I have never seen blue paper.
Normally this cross was  in a red paperbox. The first class was awarded to the rank Feldwebel-Leutnant.

Hi, it an MVK1 was awarded to a Feldwebel-Luetnant then was the MVK1 with Cross for an Offiziersstellvertreter? I’ve never fully understood the awarding of the various grades..

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Thank you . dealer offered it to me for $375 with shipping . i may do it since I know it’s a good MVK2 ?

My group with a MVK3kr x...

Hello Chuck, The enamel looks fine on your MVO 4th with Crown and Swords by Weiss u. Co.  Each maker (Weiss, Leser, Gebruder Hemmerle, etc) had their own blue enamel shade.  Your enamel is of the

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Hellollo CCJ,

the level of the MVK depended on the grade at the time of application. If the soldier was later promoted, then the class did not change. It also happened that the MVK was awarded several times to a soldier, so could the class be higher.
Here are all classes from wartime and the corresponding ranks:
MVK 1st class with crown and swords:
middle officials in the war Ministry like paymaster
7 MVK at the warribbon all others with the ribbon of war merit (Beamtenband).
It was up to the service, but especially on the addition of "middle officials in the Ministry of War".
Some awards after renewed bravery for1st class owner with swords.

MVK 1st class with swords:
Feldwebelleutnante, middle officials and z. B. field medical assistants, Reichsbahninspektoren

MVK 2nd class with crown and swords
Officer Deputy, Unterzahlmeister, Musikmeister

MVK 2nd class with swords:
Deputy Sergeant, Sergeant, Ensign

MVK 3rd class with crown and swords:
NCOs and sergeants

MVK 3rd class with swords:
Private and crews

Here in german:
MVK 1. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern:
mittlere Beamte im Kriegsministerium ( 7 am Kriegsband)
Es kam auf die Dienststellung an, aber vor allem auf dem Zusatz "mittlere Beamte im Kriegsministerium". Einige Verleihungen nach erneuter Tapferkeit für
Inhaber der 1. Klasse mit Schwertern.

MVK 1. Klasse mit Schwertern:
Feldwebelleutnante, mittlere Beamte und z. B. Feldhilfsärzte, Reichsbahninspektoren

MVK 2. Klasse mit Kr. und Schw.:
Offiziersstellvertreter, Unterzahlmeister, Musikmeister

MVK 2. Klasse mit Schwertern:
Vizefeldwebel, Feldwebel, Fähnriche

MVK 3. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern:
Unteroffiziere und Sergeanten

MVK 3. Klasse mit Schwertern:
Gefreite und Mannschaften

I hope you understand my report. I've used the google translator,
Regards Andreas

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Andreas, here are some Marine equivalents:

• MVK 2. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern: Oberdeckoffiziere/Deckoffiziere (z.B. Oberbootsmann, Bootsmann, Steuermann, Flugmechaniker)

• MVK 2. Klasse mit Schwertern: Vizedeckoffiere (Reserveoffizieranwärter der Marine, z.B. Vizesteuermann, Vizefeuerwerker, Vizemachinist, Vizeflugmeister), Unteroffiziere mit Portepee (z.B. Wachtmeister im seemännischen Dienst)

• MVK 3. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern: Unteroffiziere ohne Portepee (Maate) (z.B. Oberbootsmannsmaat, Bootsmannsmaat, Steuermannsmaat, Signalmaat, Flugmaat)

• MVK 3. Klasse mit Schwertern: Mannschaften (Matrosen) (z.B. Obermatrose, Obersignalgast, Signalgast, Heizer, Zimmermannsgast, Seesoldat)

There was no navy equivalent of Feldwebelleutnant. I am not sure of any navy recipients of the 1st Class, except for maybe a Feldhilfsarzt or Beamter?


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Helo Dave,
thank you for the Marine equivalents.
There are only a few MVK awardings to Marine soldiers.
I am only aware of three ships with a Bavarian connection
Bayern, Prinzregent Luitpold and Von der Tann.

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In my opinion is this the beautifullest bavarian Award and very rare.
Thanks for sharing

1 hour ago, dond said:

Another small contribution.

2019-01-28 11.52.48.jpg

2019-01-28 11.53.32.jpg

2019-01-28 11.53.05.jpg

2019-01-28 11.53.15.jpg

The bavarian MVK is mountened with the backside in front.

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19 hours ago, Utgardloki said:

Interresting that he decided to sew his medals on a ribbon bar...  or was this done later by another person?

I think it was done from the owner after WW2.
There are the third Reich medals missing like the airforce servicemedals, hungary warmedal and Sudetenland Anschlussmedaille.
There is no ribbon of the KVK II. In WWII the owner wears the ribbon of the KVK in the buttonhole and the ribbon bar in this way.
After the war he sew his decorations on the ribbonbar for veterans meetings.

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Sorry, but that's a fake. The cross is from the manufacturer Weiss, the swords from Leser.
Weiss didn't produce this class. This would be a third class new enameled and guilt.

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