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Mike, I still love that badge.... one of the few originals floating around. Nice early-war case too. At the end of WW1, believe it or not, even these were coming in cardboard boxes....

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Here's what was inside that little cardboard box. Mike's pictures are an excellent reference....... the (really good) copies of this badge have superb enamels, but they still have not perfected the rivets....... wire hooks to the frame are a HUGE no-no, except from 1920-35, during the First Republic. Zimbler did wire things togethor, but the body better be a hollow-stamped, fire-gilded bronze base or it's a sinker!

Here's a late-war one that was in the little red box:

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My one and only Austrian medal bar and matching ribbon bar on a familiar background.

There really is something about astroturf that brings out the subtle nuances of ribbon and medal bars... (Although I have heard rumors that various untoward things have been done on said astroturf by various four legged entities.)

I don't really have all that much that's Austrian, but I've always found this ribbon bar to be rather interesting. The owner has kept his interwar Republic award in first place, in violation of Third Reich regulations.

user posted image


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Rick, I think I love this badge more than the Prussian ones I have. The quality is second to none and as you say soooooooo very hard to find. The case is quality as well ... but like everything, standards started to slip towards the end of the war.

Still a very nice piece in that again so very hard to find cardboard box. Yet again Stogie strikes and finds that rare item :food-smiley-004:

Sorry mate that I took this one out of your collection, but it has come to a loving home and is valued.



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Here's my only decent Austrian award, on a frack bar, a nice Franz Josef RK. I think most of you guys have seen this before on another forum.

cheers Jason

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My only feeble award really that I dare show, this was actually chosen by my wife Jo !!! And the only medal she's ever condoned me buying !!!!

She actually liked it beer.gifohmy.gif

Since then it's back to normal and all are a waste of money, related to shoes, Tesco's and other more imortant spending...of course !!! rolleyes.gif Not to mention garden plants which she kills !!



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Rev: I like the fact that the main middle bulk portion of the bow has a 'different' concept to that of the main ribbon, and the mini ribbon use, just shows the thought and detail in these. If it were Brit made, ample stictching and bugger the rest, make do and mend adoption.

A nice example with a difference of a most common medal.

Edited by Marcus H
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My favorite, te Armeekreuz or Kanonenkreuz from the Freedom War. Made from the cannon Boney didn't need anymore. (maybe it's my 'thing" about recycling) cheeky.gif

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Karl Signum Laudis in bronze, war ribbon with swords,


in Breitner of Budapest maker's "tombstone" case:


If ALL cases looked like this, my attention might wander from mounted medal bars!

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