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A dream has come true! This is the best day in this year!!!!

A photo of two soldiers of the 2.Garde-MG-Abt., wearing the Kaiserpreis for prussian MG-Abt.!

This badge was awarded only six times in ten years (from 1903-1913 every two years)

The 2.Garde-MG-Abt. awarded it in 1911.


Scannen0002 - Kopie (2).jpg

Scannen0002 - Kopie (3).jpg

Scannen0002 - Kopie (4).jpg

Scannen0002 - Kopie.jpg

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Like me, mate! I knew those badges did exist, but  I´ve seen only drawings.

This is the first one.

By the way, I also have saxon one (for saxon MG-Abt.). This might  be a little bit more rare than the prussian one...

1.sächs.MG-Abt. Nr.12

1.sächs. MG-Abt.Nr.12 (Königs-Schießabzeichen).JPG

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Hello Paul! These badges were recieved by the entire unit.

I think the mentioned saxon companies (1 and 2) were wrong. I assume, they mean Abteilungen.

The saxon Abteilungen had a strength of 88 men. There would be no sense to build companies inside that small unit!

In 1911 the 1st Abteilung was dissolved for building new MG-companies for the infantry regiments. The 2nd Abteilung became MG-Abteilung 19, but in 1915 it became the 13.comp. of Inf.Rgt.107

The difference between a company and an Abteilung was not a big thing.

The strength of an MG-Kompanie was 4 officers and 95 NCOs and men

The strength of an MG-Abteilung was 4 officers and 112 NCOs and men



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