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    Arno Weichler, spark on the most successful submarine of all time

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    This the medal bar of the spark Arno Weichler, who was active on SM U 35, the most successful submarine of all time under the command of Arnauld de la Periere.

    More Information:


    The latter mentions him in his memoir when he reports an unpleasant encounter with the ship's mascot, the monkey Fips.

    The "Iron Crescent" could be have been awarded in reaction to the following episode:

    "At the end of October 1915, U 35 took over ten Turkish officers at Bodrum and war material to support the insurgent Senussi who fought in the Libyan desert against the British and Italian colonial powers. As far as the weather permitted, two Turkish schooners were taken in tow. The convoy arrived at the Libyan coastal town of Bardia, where the cargo could be unloaded. On November 5, 1915 the British steamer Tara was sunk in the Gulf of Sollum (Egypt) and a gunboat in the port of Sollum was destroyed. "

    The bar was already presented twice in OMM (1993 and 2000).

    The reason why I show it here again is that I have discovered Weichler together with de la Periere in a film document (starting at 21:55):


    How often do you find a film document of a lower rank medal bar owner?








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