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    Wearing other state orders, Chinese Empire officials

    1812 Overture

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    Welcome to add;)


    程经邦(1886-1928)Graduated from the German Army University. The final rank is Lieutenant General。


    田献章,1910Photographed in Budapest. The final rank is Major General




    爱新觉罗·载振(1876—1947)The son of the prince, also the prince


    冯恕1867-1948 I don't know how to describe this person's official position in English. About the Rear Admiral, Naval Staff


    陆征祥 Diplomat June 12, 1871 - January 15, 1949 Old age at the Belgian monastery


    Li Hongzhang, you must know, I will not say more.


    "Jang Guangtou" of the Republic of China


    I do not know who he is



    陆伯鸿 Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and the Pope's attendants (March 1875-December 30, 1937) died in a misunderstanding and were thought to have contact with the Japanese and assassinate


    何东:The Chinese and Portuguese hybrids are actually Chinese and very well known! Robert HoTung Bosman, 1862–1956


    纪连台:The richest man in Manchuria, a businessman, was captured by the Soviet Red Army after the October Revolution in Russia. He was an accomplice of the Tsar.

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    周自齐:Republic of China diplomat, educator, politician, November 17, 1869, October 21, 1923


    lazy. lazy. . lazy. . .:P


    Oh! my eyes!


    李经迈:1876-1938 Li Hongzhang’s son, once served as Austrian-Hungarian ambassador


    If this post is less than five people replying, I think I will not open up new topics in the future.:violent:


    汪大燮:1859-1929 Diplomat, Prime Minister



    See the post does not reply. . I am watching you! ! !:speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

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    Thanks for posting these fascinating pictures.

    The Qing official (2nd picture in post #2) has his Second Class Double Dragon attached next to his sash with a safety pin!

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    An absolutely amazing series of photos, 1812 Overture, thank you. You have opened my eyes to aspects of the late Chinese Empire/early Chinese Republic period I wasn't previously aware of. In particular, some of the personalities you have shown us have prompted me to investigate them further.

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    On 13/01/2019 at 13:51, 1812 Overture said:

    If this post is less than five people replying, I think I will not open up new topics in the future.:violent:

    We can all learn from this thread!!! I have!

    I think, I will use the same approach too. Or is it copy-righted? In that case I will do the same out of spite. ;)

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    刘恩源:Studying in Germany, served as a government military adviser


    何佩瑢:1880-1942 Graduated from the Japanese Army Sergeant School in 1906. Has been awarded the rank of general. In 1919, he served as governor of Hubei Province. After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War in July 1937, he served as the Speaker of the Wuhan Senate and the Chairman of the Wuhan Administrative Committee. In October 1938, He Peiyu turned to Japan and became a traitor. He became the pseudo-Hubei governor. On June 6, 1942, he was poisoned by the Japanese army.:poo:



    徐世昌:1855-1939 President of the Republic of China, politician


    陈复 1887-1928 Rear Admiral. Studying in Japan Filmed at the colonel

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    I forgot to mark who this person is! Please watch him with the order of the Belgian commander Leopold II.


    Thank you for watching and enjoying! I will leave their names, you can log in to other places to check their life. Or ask me here. My photos don't have "copyright" as long as you need them, feel free to use them.:beer:

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    托忒克·端方 1861-1911 Governor Zhili, transferred to the US cruise to Japan on the afternoon of December 19, 1905. He visited Japan, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Russia. He returned to China in August of the following year. In 1911, he was killed by the revolutionaries and his head was cut down.

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    苏元春:1844.2.8-1908.6.13 Guangxi people, anti-French star, followed Feng Zicai against the French invasion. Interestingly, he helped the French consul to rescue the lady and children of the French consul who were taken away by the robbers, and received the commander-level French Legion of Honor. Please note that He also has a crown of the King of CambodiaOder。

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    孙宝琦:(1867—1931)Qing Dynasty household officials, equivalent to the current Ministry of Finance. Ambassador to France in 1902


    With his family in France



    In 1909, he became the governor of Shandong, equivalent to the current governor of Shandong Province. Group photo with the Governor of Jiaoao


    After the Chinese Revolution, he served as Premier and Foreign Minister of the State Council.


    He died in Shanghai in 1931. I have to say that his face is really long. .


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    林建章:1874-1940 海军代将=brigadier  The final rank is the Admiral of the Navy, serving as an adviser to the Department of the Navy. Japan invaded China in 1937, refused to surrender to the Japanese, died of depression


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