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Request for Assistance Concerning Litewka Details

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I am a relatively new member and I am planning to have a reproduction of an infantry officer's  Litewka tunic made in the near future.

I have only ever seen such tunics either in a museum or in photographs, so some of the important details regarding this type of tunic are not known to me. I have managed to source the proper colors of wool (both for the main body and collar of the tunic), as well as the red piping for the cuffs, etc. However, I am a bit confused regarding the buttons that would appear on an infantry officer's Litewka. Some of the photos I have seen show the tunic with silver buttons and other photos seem to indicate gold buttons. Perhaps this is a problem with lighting, etc., but it is confusing to me. I would appreciate hearing from any members who have Litewka tunics in their collection regarding the following questions:

(1) Are the buttons on your officer's tunic silver or gold?

(2) What is the diameter of the 12 buttons on the main panel of the tunic?

(3) What is the diameter of the two buttons holding the shoulder boards? (Other than the diameter, do these buttons differ significantly from the 12 buttons on the main panel of the tunic?)

Any photographs that you would care to include to illustrate any point(s) you would care to make would certainly be appreciated. Also, if you have any suggestions as to a good source for the needed buttons, that, too, would be most appreciated. 

Thanks to all for your assistance!

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Helmut Weitze has several litewka's, on offer, mostly wartime, some with silver buttons, some with golden, some with patterned buttons, some with flat ones: 


I'd need to confirm this by reference to the regulations, but as far as button-colour goes, I'd not be surprised if that simply followed the regulations for the tunic of the unit or rank of the wearer. In other words: gold or silver as specified in the regulations for the tunic the wearer was entitled to wear based on his rank (officers of general rank generally wore gold in most states, but there were exceptions) or assignment. 

Hope this lhelps, will have look as time permits over then ext week or so to see if the regulations bear this out. 

Kind regards,


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The officer´s Litewka was only to be worn out of duty or inside while on duty. During war time combined with fieldgrey trousers. Buttons could be either silver or gold. Two rows of 6 buttons each, 16cm apart. Note the sometimes subtle differences to the Kleiner Rock, esp. w regards to pockets.



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Thank you for the many comments, suggestions and wonderful photographs of Litewka tunics. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. I have seen photographs of Litewka tunics and I have seen them under glass in museums, but I have never held one in my hands. Therefore, I am turning to you, collectors who actually own Litewka tunics, to ascertain the information previously requested (re: diameter of the buttons)? 

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On 26/12/2020 at 21:51, Bayern said:

Hello, I sugests a visit to www.bekleidungsamt 13.de . its the site of a  German Manufacturer of very true replicas of German And Austro Hungarian Uniforms. he can answer in English

Yes, Bernd can help you with getting it right. The button colour should be dependent on the colour called for by the regiment--Garde units would likely have silver, Infanterie, gold. Pionier, silver, usw. When people are looking for uniform assistance, I always like to know which regiment/unit is being depicted.

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Hello Fritz. The boards I will be using are for IR 38 (based in Glatz). Most of the infantry Litewka I have seen have had silver buttons. Others, such as Uhlan, have been gold, but I cannot be sure that that is true across the board. Would you have a Litewka in your collection that you would be willing to check the diameter of the twelve buttons on the front and the two buttons that hold the shoulder boards?

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