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  1. USA Ribbon Bars

    Hi, thought I'd add my meagre collection of ribbons to this great thread: WW2 (Wolf Brown). US Navy Vietnam service. Gulf War Navy service. (I have the medals for these) USAF. (Missing an oak leaf on the long tour overseas ribbon) Unfortunately none of these are attributed to any one person.
  2. 1917-1919 ww1 medals

    Hi Ray, like these a lot. The New York State commemorative medal (2nd left bottom row) should have a number top reverse. Which service is the reserve medal for? (next to NY).
  3. Legion Of Merit- Chief Commander Star.

    Hi Jannis, a very nice award if I may say so...you must be very pleased with it, well done.
  4. Legion Of Merit- Chief Commander Star.

    Hi Jannis, here's my LOM I have in my collection. Its the Legionnaire version I believe. Has split loop suspender brooch and a makers mark for Williams & Anderson. A diamond with a zig zag or lightning bolt? I would date this a post war, possibly 1950's to early sixties?
  5. Legion Of Merit- Chief Commander Star.

    Hi very nice award, any makers marks or symbols anywhere?
  6. Hi Mike, here's a Royal Warwickshire Regiment side cap I have in my collection.
  7. Killed in Action 28th April 1917 aged 20, Lieutenant Ralph Shaw DSO, 11th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Son of W W E & Lucy A Shaw of Handsworth Wood, Birmingham. Has no known grave and is remembered on the Arras Memorial. The 11th Bn fought at the Battle of Arleux which was part of the Battle of Arras. This original picture of him I bought from a car boot a few years ago. I was told his medals including the DSO were at the Fusiliers museum in Warwick but when I enquired the museum replied they had no knowledge of this and in such an offensive manner and there's me thinking of donating the picture to the museum...their loss. Frame is pewter over wood with details on the rear and original Warwickshire badge. Size is 15" x 12". London Gazette dated 18th July 1917 which suggests a posthumous award for the DSO, "2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) Ralph Shaw, R. War. R., Spec. Res. For conspicuous gallantry and ability in action. When all the senior officers of the brigade had become casualties he assumed charge of the whole line, and showed great courage and judgment under very heavy fire in organising the consolidation".
  8. Worth the trip if you can go. Lots to see there as well as Passchendaele, Ypres and the Somme. The Vimy Memorial itself is quite stunning and very moving also.
  9. Hi Rebecca, thank you for the update on this post. I bought the medal some years ago as I have an interest in WW1 hence my visit to France and Belgium and especially Vimy Ridge. At the time of my visit the memorial was closed as it was being renovated before the Queen officially rededicated the memorial on the 90th anniversary of the battle, however a bit of Herras fencing wasn't going to stop us seeing the memorial in all its splendour until that is the Canadian caretaker threw us out!!! But we still got to visit the memorial and the battle field. We did the same at Thiepval as that was also undergoing renovations. Its great to put a picture to the owner of the medal, I say owner as all these named medals do belong to their original recipients in my view. I'm just its custodian for now. The medal has pride of place in my collection and is framed along with a Canadian cap badge and a 4th infantry lapel badge. Its good to be able to pass on James' story as well to others especially as he was born in England and at Boscastle which itself was in the news some years ago due to flash flooding almost wiping the place off the face of the earth, thankfully with no loss of life which is more than can be said for the Battle at Vimy and all previous efforts by the French and British to dislodge the Germans from there before the Canadian Infantry performed their heroic deed with James Stone Olde playing his part but which cost him his life. Lest We Forget all those killed and wounded at Vimy Ridge whatever their nationality.
  10. This is the view from the memorial across the plains of Douai. The Statue is called "Canada Bereft" who mourns the loss of all Canadian soldiers killed in WW1. The remains of the battle field which has been preserved.
  11. On April 9th 1917 the Battle of Vimy Ridge was fought as part of the opening phase of the British-led Battle of Arras. Four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force took part in the battle together for the first time and was successful in driving the German Sixth Army from the ridge. A 250-acre part of the battleground on Hill 145 serves as the site for the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. There were 10,602 Canadian casualties of which 3,598 were killed and 7,004 wounded. The Germans suffered an unknown number of casualties with approximately 4,000 men becoming POW's. Four Victoria Crosses were awarded to the Canadian Corp. (Information from Wikipedia) One of those Canadians Killed in Action on the first day (9th April) was Private 401015 James Stone Olde, 4th battalion, Canadian Infantry, Central Ontario Regiment. Aged 22 he was born in the civil parish of Forrabury, Boscastle, Cornwall, England in 1895. His parents were Mark and Mary Olde. James is buried at the Bois-Carre British Cemetery, Thelus which was part of the 4th Battalions objective during the battle and would have been one of those first over the top as the 4th were in the front line on the morning of the 9th April, Easter Monday 1917. James is also remembered in Canada’s Book of Remembrance page 303. This is his Victory Medal which was awarded posthumously after the War. The picture of the memorial I took back in 2007 when I visited Vimy, Ypres, Passchendaele and the Somme battlefields.
  12. Medal of Honor Ribbons

    Thanks Sal, appreciate your input.
  13. Lets see your US miniature medal bars

    Another Vanguard V-21-N marked miniature, Distinguished Flying Cross fixed to a 1:144 scale model of the Memphis Belle. I have this alongside another B17 and B24 Liberator on display.
  14. Lets see your US miniature medal bars

    Its not a bar only a single but a good one at that. Vanguard made Army Distinguished Service Medal Miniature. (length + 2") V-21-N is hidden on the brooch pin bar. This is possible post 1974 manufacture?.
  15. Medal of Honor Ribbons

    Hi Sal, I think the only decent looking one is the Graco made ribbon, I'm not sure at all about the other 2 though. Like you say possible foreign made?