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  1. there was a period i think 60s when anodised aluminium was used prior and post they are considerably aesthetically more pleasing. p
  2. I like my tea strong enough for my spoon to stand up in. My father got me into it. When my father was at RAF Dum Dum 1943-47 most of his fellow officers drank ice cold drinks to mitigate the heat, his Sikh batman warned him against it and said that strong hot tea would cool him down, most certainly did. So years later in the UK when everybody else was drinking iced drinks on a baking day the wood family was inbibing copious quantities of hot strong brews of Assam's finest. P
  3. They created coins with NG arms as far as I am aware they did not create ODMs,Panama was a department of Colombia until 1903. p
  4. cheap Taiwan medals but at least not fakes. I must confess though the anodised aluminium versions are probably the worst blasphemies ever created in phaleristic history. p
  5. interesting the medals are considerably harder to find than the orders. p
  6. most intriguing and unsual as a group albeit if the pieces singly are far from being special. Thank you so much for sharing. p
  7. I have just realised that Gamal Abdul Nasser became presideny of Egypt in February 1954 could it be related to that? p
  8. looks as if it could be Egyptian dates are AH 1373-AD 1954 Egyptian coins tend to have Hejira/Christian dates. I suspect Owain will have an idea. p
  9. Jeff, Saukenai is a village in Lithuania. Kilk ir Kelk means lift and lift. on medal appears to.be a chap wearing a covid mask in a hoist. The ribbon is lithuanian national colours. Could it b there is a factory in Saukenai which makes hoists and this is an employee award. p
  10. fine. they made truck loads in 1917 as they knew they were going to be handed out like free gifts in a cereal pack. Perfectly Kosher. p
  11. could it be da costa providing a private commission to a collector or dealer as it is as real as a thylacine walking down present day central Hobart. p
  12. I think thr Langensalza is a lovely underpriced medal with potential for considerable fun especially with an uncomon naming. p
  13. They were evidently very good and if for example sold with a great war pair to an MC recipient they could have passed muster unless subjected to the most detailed scrutiny. p
  14. Agree with Alex. Russia did not have a tradition of miniatures. They were mainly worn by overseas Russian diplomats and forrign recipients of Russian awards. P
  15. Indeed a difficult medal to acquire.Alexander was proof that you shouldn't monkey around with monkeys. Unfortunately he learned the lesson too late. p
  16. Nice group, Olav on the end is interesting assume he was a military attache in Oslo. P
  17. whoops just noticed the elephant in the room the obverse is AII should be AI for Alexander I so not original I am afraid after failing to notice that I need a golden labrador and a white stick. P
  18. Not totally sure but if it is wrong it is a lot better than the usual fakes. there was definite genuine piece in ANS 2 Morton and Eden Autumn 2006. catalogue is available on line www.mortonandeden.com. So you could compare with the illustration. I know I gave the diameter but I can't remember whether I gave the weight. P
  19. Unless you are after cheap junk for a fancy dress party leave Chinese fantasies well alone. if in doubt post image here someone here will have an authorative answer. p
  20. spain and morocco have been inextricably linked since the end of the Visigothic monarchy. Until Reyes Catholica Spain had some form of Muslim rule for 700 years revhinv its peak around the millenium Then on Spain had some form of rule in morocco and the western Sahara until the 1970s, there are still a few N African enclaves to this day. Morocco will always play a part in spanish affairs. p
  21. alas all back african casualties did not receive medals or plaques for WW1 campaigns. it could be a worthy cause for be BLM to take up but I doubt if they would be interested. P
  22. I suspect excess bad liquor rather than artistic license. p
  23. wierd it is totally out of proportion. Handy if you need to pick your nose p
  24. my father was also honoured for nearly 50 years in the civil service mostly customs and excise in the 77 birthday honours. His view was that it their way of saying you're past it now so bugger off. He formed is own business which he retained until his death 20 years later. p
  25. absolutely as 90% of honours seem to go to senior civil servants who have been booted upstairs. P
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