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  1. Thank you for sharing these buckles. It is nice to see different items!
  2. Paul R

    Japanese medal

    Is this an official medal? It has a very interesting look. What era is it?
  3. Sounds like an intense event. Thank you for sharing this account with us.
  4. I don't think there will be, barring a major war or something of the sort...
  5. For me, at the moment, based upon the hat insignia configuration and the size of the collar tabs, the uniform is a variation for a Zoll member. I cannot think of anything else that this could be at the moment.
  6. Early Zoll? The visor cap has a German eagle and cockade/wreath on it. http://www.ww2german.com/hg671.html
  7. I remember seeing this group somewhere... I don't remember where... but anyway- beautiful and complete set!! Congratulations.
  8. What an amazing combat resume. Mines no less. This man must've had nerves of steel.
  9. Thank you sir. I love focusing on the non aviation sides. The more obscure the better
  10. Additional pics in nice lighting. Notice again contrast against flak tab. Also, took photos with LW farrier kit and helmet - field look. Research I’ve seen so far is that there were no more than 400 of these men during the war, all assigned to Luftwaffe Field Division Depots.
  11. That is a top level award set! I cannot wait to see it.
  12. Wow. I definitely want to see those photos.
  13. Interesting medals. Are they made from Brass or some other material?
  14. Thanks Andrej. Are you on Facebook? I have some friends there that certainly have the ability to assist.
  15. Im glad he continued to wear the ribbon to show that he received it.
  16. I just hope the military does not go the cheap route and authorize the generic "Armed Forces Medal" to everyone. This is a once in a century event that deserves its own special medal.
  17. I was thinking the same thing. I may move to something like that as a way to keep my groups together., outside of the traditional Riker mounts.
  18. Thank you all for IDing the last unknown!
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