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Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

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Hey everyone ! Let me introduce myself. I am a collector of Imperial Russian Shoulder Boards. My collection consists of approximately 850 pieces dating from the Crimean War through WW1 and the Russian Civil War.

Here are a couple of photos of some enlisted mans straps in my collection. I am always seeking to purchase original examples. Not the fakes you always see on Ebarf. Anyone with original shoulder boards interested in selling can contact me at : pagoni@sbcglobal.net

IPB Image

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Oko, Mollo book is fine, but here is more serious refference on Russian pogoni by another world expert Gerard Gorokhoff, printed in one of few English edittions of the excellent French Militaria magaz

The rest of both articles is on other elements of the uniform, not on the shoulder boards in particular. However, there are some Russian books (in Russian of course) with very detailed schemes (no pic

From the Russian book "Five Centuries of the Russian Military Uniform" peaked caps and shoulder bords of the regiments from the 9th Infantry Division (33rd Eleckii and 34th Sevskii IR form 1st Brigad

Posted Images

Very nice. Though I must say I wish people would post images on the forum, rarther than on some image hosting service that is very slow and usually tries to infect any computer that goes there with spyware.

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Very nice. Though I must say I wish people would post images on the forum, rarther than on some image hosting service that is very slow and usually tries to infect any computer that goes there with spyware.

Well Club Host Ed...since this is my first attempt at posting a photo on this Forum, I would appreciate a helping email or something to that affect on how to properly post on your Forum. Instead, it sounds like whining to me. Not very interesting for a Forum. The use of an Image Hosting service is the only way I have posted photos on websites for years and it is the only form of downloading images that certain military Forum website accept. Your "Help" category at the top bar of this Forum really is no "Help" at all as it does not give directions for posting photos here. So I am at a lost to any other way of posting photos here at GMIC. Personally, if you want to hear complaining, my pet peeve is when someone can't seem to use the spell check even when it has been provided. If you don't want me to post any more photos, let me know and these will be the only contributions I will make here. Otherwise, stop complaining and help me out. If I am not mistaken, this Forum is here for the collectors and I'm sure your readers and members don't want to see a bunch of whiners. :shame:

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I shall henceforth ignore this thread. Thank you.


I am not being trying to be a smart ass nor did I want you to cut and run and to ignore this thread. You are a senior member of this website Forum. I am sure you're a walking book of knowledge for all of us to get acquainted with and a specialist in your field. However, as Club Host, you really should help new members navigate through the website. As it stands, I still do not know how to properly post a photo here and I definitely do not want to post any more photos if I am going to get blasted by the Host. So lets have a beer and move on. OK ? :beer: and let me know how to post photos.

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Quite beautiful. what kind of underlay do these use? I imagine that they are heavily faked like pretty much everything else.

The underlay is the same red wool cloth as what you see in the outer boarder of the shoulder board. The back side also has 2 cloth tabs. One horrizontal and one verticle tab and a shoe string running through the button. These are used for attaching the shoulder boards to the uniform.

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Shoulder boards of Czar Nicholas II.

Colonel-en-Chief, 4th Guard Rifle Regiment of Tsarkoe Selo.

Adjutant to Czar Alexander III and Alexander II (His father and Grandfather)

These shoulder boards were worn exclusively by Czar Nicholas II.

These boards have no cardboard inserts and were made soft for the purpose of sewing to his gynastorka shits. Most photos of Czar Nicholas in the period of 1916 till his death show him wearing a gynastorka shirt with these boards. The uniform of the 4th Guard Rifle Regiment was worn by the Czar throughout WW1.

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