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    Did i got that right, in post #18 that is a Hohenzollern Ehrenkreuz with Swords and Crown? Or is it the Merit Cross with Swords and Crown?


    I have examples of the Hohenzollern Ehrenmedaille in silver and gold, with and without swords, and I am fairly confident I understand the Ehrenkreuz, but what is the difference between the Ehrenkreuz and the Verdienstkreuz?

    Can anyone show an example?

    Thanks in advance,


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    The first bar shown below came from Detlev Niemann some time ago. Unfortunately, I didn't realise it was one of a split pair when I bought it. The "one that got away" also had a Frontk?mpfer ribbon and a blue service award ribbon, if I remember correctly. The ribbons are 16 mm wide.

    It could be an army or navy bar, and I am sure Rick (the GOOD one) more or less identified one with a blue backing some time ago.

    Minty bars are nice, but these salty ones have really "been there". I wish I only knew where.

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    This bar is made of 26 mm wide ribbons and nothing glows more than it should.

    It looks a bit homemade to me, and an informed source on another forum was not too keen on it. But since it only cost beer money, I am not too bothered about its integrity.

    Does the device look OK?

    Many thanks for your comments and opinions.


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