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    1 hour ago, paul wood said:

    AH 1332 November 30th 1913 to November 19 1914 (and 1332 is the date on the clasp)

    AH 1337 October 7 1918 to September 30 1918 by which time Turkey was kaput



    I totally agree with Claudius and  Paul the date is 1332 (Hijri) on the clasp which corresponds to : 1914.  

    With the amendments made on the Imtiyaz Medal Regulation Article 9 and Liyakat Medal Regulation Article 6 on November 16, 1914, attaching crossed saber clasps were allowed on the ribbons of these Medals. Clasps showing the names of the campaigns on the ribbons were also permitted.

    And it is (Suez) Canal (KANAL)



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    • 5 years later...
    3 hours ago, Soderbaum said:

    Thanks very much Claudio,


    btw, as I am is interested in German aviation this thread is surely one of the best.



    Thanks Gunnar, for your kind words! 

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    Does anyone know more about his WW II activities? Was he once again, after 1918--1920, POW? Here is all I know: During the campaign in France 1940 he was Major der Reserve and "im Stab des Kommandeurs der Luftwaffe (Koluft) des AOK 16". 25 January 1945, now Oberstleutnant d. R., he baecame "Kommandant der Fliegerhorst-Kommandantur A (o) 21/III in Frankfurt an der Oder". He died 1972 in Hamburg and was buried in the family crypt in Hildesheim.




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    6 hours ago, Deutschritter said:

    Thank you! So he also served in the Luftflotte 1. That was new. He was quite a tall fellow. I wonder to which superior (General?) he is talking to?

    Foto GenObst A. Keller u. Obstltn Falke im Auto.JPG

    Foto GFM von Küchler und Generaloberst A. Keller.JPG

    Foto unbekannter Oberst mit Mantel 1.JPG

    General der Artillerie Karl Bansi,1861-1939.JPG

    There are also pictures of other officers in Falke’s group…

    Foto unbekannter Oberst mit Mantel 2.JPG

    Kriegsweihnachten Ostrow 1943, 6.JPG

    Kriegsweihnachten Ostrow 1943, 4.JPG

    Kriegsweihnachten Ostrow  1943, 5.JPG

    And some drawings 

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    On 07/03/2010 at 16:36, Claudio said:

    @ TacHel: just a preview... the ribbon bar. :whistle:



    May I use Falke's ribbon and medal bar, tie chain, his photos and medal list  in my future book 

    Best wishes


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