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An interesting Red Cross group consisting of: Anhalt House Order of Albert the Bear, knight first class, gilt; Weimar Republic Red Cross Merit Order, second class, gilt and enamel (1922-1934); Bavaria Merit Order of St. Michael, fourth class with crown, silver and enamel; Prussia Order of the Crown, fourth class, marked “Wilm” and “Berlin” on the cylinder; Prussia Red Cross Medal, third class, in zinc; Spain Order of the Red Cross, knight, silver-gilt and enamel (1899-1926).

Any hope of ever pinning down the recipient?

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Hi JBFloyd,

For what it’s worth - Back in 1981, I bought, and have long since sold, a cased Albert the Bear like this,

the case of which had a label named to a Dr. (M) Martin le Maire. With it was a copy of his death notice.

I am quite sure that he was Danish, or at least not German; but did, like your bar, have several other

relatively significant awards from other German states. Now, just maybe...

Best wishes, :beer:

Wild Card

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Hi Wild Card.

I can confirm that there were a Martin le Maire who was a professor and personal doctor of the Danish King Christian IX. Actually there's a book written about him (or based on his manuscript) but as I don't have it I cannot check if there's pics or similar that could give a clue.

But if awarded to him I would have expected at least some Danish awards. He could have been a Commander or higher of the Dannebrog that wouldn't appear in the group but I would at least have expected a Silver Cross. Anyway, it's not in any way a Danish mounting!

Regards, Lars

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