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Hi everybody,

Last year I have bought this nice ribbon bar to another collector. I have not positive id of him till recently. Indeed, I have found that only one man that have this combo (SH3, SV3aX, SA3aXKr, EK2, SMK).

The officer : Major Otto Schmidt from IR 134.

He was born in 1874, for the moment I have not found his death date.

Leutnant : 23.01.1896

Oberleutnant : 11.09.1903

Hauptmann : 21.01.1910

Major : 22.05.1916

He received the follwing medals :

SH3 : 13.11.1915

SV3aX : 09.11.1916

Kr zu SA3aX : 19.10.1915

SA3aX : 22.11.1914

EK2 : ?

EK1 : ?

SMK : 08.05.1916.

Here is the ribbon bar and the photo of Major Otto Schmidt (he is the first officer from the right).

It take one year to have positive id of the ribbon bar and to find the photo of our man :jumping:


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