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    Not a Kriegsmarine tally, but Bundesmarine, reading Abschnittskommando ....

    There were 2 Abschnittkommandos, one for the Nordsee (Northsea) and the other for the Ostsee Baltic).

    Ten years after the war ended, and Germany was split in two nations (the Deutsche Bundesrepublik - "West Deutschland", and the Deutsche Demokratische Republik - "Ost Deutschland"), the Bundesrepublik was allowed to establish a military defence force, the Bundeswehr. The Bundeswehr consisted of three Arms of Service: Bundesheer (Army), Bundesmarine (Navy), Bundesluftwaffe (Air Force).

    Between 1955 and 1960 the Bundesmarine had cap tallies with Gothic script which was changed in Latin script in 1960 and still used today.

    Please note also: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/files/32-bundesmarine-cap-tallies-1955-1990/

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    Hi Odulf,

    OT to your Post Bundesmarine.

    Correct is in the Bundeswehr, since 1955, always Heer, Luftwaffe and Marine:

    For the Luftwaffe is also in use Bundesluftwaffe.

    For the Marine is correct Marine, Bundesmarine and since 1990 Deutsche Marine.

    But the Heer of the Bundeswehr was never the "Bundesheer", because that was and is the name of the Austrian land forces.


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    That is an interesting portrait Morten.

    This Matrosenobergefreiter is an acting NCO (Diensttuer-Maat), this is indicated by the small silver chevron below the double yellow chevrons of Obergefreiter.

    Thanks for this information.Shoud have had your knowedge.

    Best regards,Morten.

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    Hi Gents

    I usually see this amazing thread and I want ask you if this cap tally that I own is too merchant marine and how many differents were in that period and did they use the same eagle and cockade than KM sailor.s cap or not?????? :blush:

    on the other hand can someone post the badge than wear the merchant sailor from Schulschiff Deutschland ?

    Thanks in advance

    Here is the pin version of the badge which is on Weitze's site.



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    Again,not Kriegsmarine and probably pre-1933 and one i have not seen before.

    Just picked this one up for the "Marine.Flieger,Abteilung".

    I do not even see this tally listed in Horst Rivier's Book,"Die Mutzenbander der Deutschen Reichsmarine und der Marine des III,Reiches-1920-1945".


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    Indeed Martin, pre 1919, as from that year the black-white-black Kokarde (roundel) was replaced by the gilted oval shield with the black eagle of the Weimar Republic (please note http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/62702-reichsmarine-cap-tallies/) .

    The tally is to be found in the magnificent complete study of Bernd Wedeking & Markus Bodeux "Die Mützenbänder der Deutschen Marine - 1815-1918", 1st Edition 2005

    ISBN 3 86619 000 X

    Edited by Odulf
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