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    IMHO the EK2 is original, very likely like Dansson said, a Deumer piece, produced in the late 20ies/early 30ies. These sometimes you can find in pretty pristine conditions. I got a group of a officer and WWI veteran that had 2 EK1 1914... one was heavily worn on the field and the other one it was mint like the one you have on this bar. I don't like the BMVK1X either... these are easily upgraded by skilled collectors/dealers who have professional skills in gilding process and also in enamel repairs (I know a Bavarian collector/dealer who did it...). I would stick with textbook BMVK1, early types, 3 pieces medallion with gold L cyphers. Not all the Bavarian BMVK producers, produced the 1st class cross for instance...


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    I visited the houten militaria fair today, one of the biggest in holland and the company selling this bar had it with them and allowed me to inspect it and I must admit that in real-life, as is so often the case, the medals look better. I admit, the deumer iron cross is made during the interbellum, but the bavarian MVK 1.st class with swords is most certainly real.

    Kind regards, Laurentius

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    Hello, the jubileemedal is a postwar production.
    Look at the ringholder, it is smaller than the original.
    The original medal is much thicker.
    Here the two kinds, left original right postwar production.

    regards Andreas





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