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    German Atlantic Meteor Expedition of 1925-1927 Commemorative Medal

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    the antique photos link you provided in your initial post mentions a first and second class; the photo of both grades shows the difference in ribbon size for each class. the first class had gilt oak leaves suspension for naval officers and civilian scientists, while the second class had a silver oak leaves suspension for crewmen. the gilt oak leaves suspension is smaller in width than the silver, and has a smaller ribbon.



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    On 13/04/2019 at 01:31, Red Eagle said:

    Imo dont exist a 1st or 2nd class. Its only these one class.

    You cant find any resources for two classes.

    There were two classes but it wasn't the ribbon that differentiate the two. It was the color of the laurel leaves. First class sported them in gilt while second class featured silver ones (awarded to the crew of the ship).

    Picture credit: antique-photos.com



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    i looked into this in order to attempt to find where exactly i read about the different ribbon widths but have not yet found the source. one thing that i immediately noticed is that the silver laurel leaf version appears to be far harder to find than the gilt version, which doesn't make sense if more of them were awarded; the gilt ones almost exclusively seem to come onto the market 

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    There were 23 1st Class and 188 2nd Class medals awarded to the Researchers, Officers and the Crew of the ship that took part in the Expedition.

    This and the above info comes from "The Meteor Expedition" by F. Spiess, published in 1927. No idea where the ribbon story originated.

    To add to the confusion- there is another medal commemoration that Expedition that was produced, one of a non-portable variety.

    The detail of the non-portable medal matches that of the ribboned medals. Size is slightly different.

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