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  1. Hello, then they are both for the Cugir pistol .
  2. Hello ,there were not much options ,measure the two holsters and compare . Romania dont employed the Makarov PM pistol . the holder for the cleaning rod was common feature in soviet Russian holsters .
  3. Hello ,probably the watch is into a leather bracelet with a clamshell type cover to protect it .
  4. Hello, The pickelhaube in all his variants ,the lancer cap and the hussar busby as well as the tschako remained in service until the end of the war .not in first line of the western front but behind the lines . the same is valid for the tunics . M 1907 / 10 tunics were used along with the Feldbluse and all the intermediate models. the man on the pic wears what appears to be Staff officer shoulder boards ,cavalry helmet and artillery sword plus litzen on collar and cuffs .
  5. Hello , the man wears leggings, and on his collar the grey lace of NCO lined in white and the Bavarian borte. although his shoulder board is not clearly visible perhaps he was a Unterarzt entitled to carry the metallic aesculapius staff on the SBs
  6. Hello ,the pistol used by the Romanian land Force since 1952 to the 1990s was the Tula Tokarev Cugir ;TTC pistol in 762 x 25 caliber .the licence copy of the TT33 built in Romania
  7. According with the diameter they could had been for hold a chinstrap 15 mm diameter, or on a SB 20 mm diameter in this sort not for hold the Shoulderboard but as complement
  8. Hello, Nazi Party officials encouraged common people to lynch the prisoners .the ocurrence was rather common if not the rule when the Aircrewmen were not taken prisoners by Regular Armed Forces members. in other incident in December of 1944 Kreisleiter Franz Strasser and Police captain Lindermeyer killed 5 aircrewmen of the 20 th Bomber Sqdn USAAF .this took place at Kaplitz , Czech Republic today .Strasser was tried condemned and hanged .Lindermeyer commited suicide while in custody
  9. Hello, very nice tunic , the material is wool gabardine more ressistant to wear and tear than the other wool cloths employed in officers uniforms, and cheaper. the same material of which is made the tunic of General von Prittwitz und Gaffron exhibited in the Bavarian Army Museum, regarding the SBs . Knotel Sieg ,handbuch des Uniformkunde says that the use of matt SBs was authorized with the introduction of the M15 Feldbluse. by AKO of September 21th of 1915 in Prussia . Bavaria waited till March of 1916
  10. I am Grinch Green tinted . then I want to ask a question ; Are the Bavarian coat of Arms , the spike ,the base and the chin scales made of brass?
  11. Hello, Regarding Crowns, The crown on the collar and cuffs of the uniforms of the Imperial Automovil Club is the Imperial Crown of German Emperor . Its different of the Royal Prussian ,Royal Bavarian or Royal Saxon Crowns. the main feature are the Tenias , two pieces of tape one at the left the other at the right of the base of the crown . these pieces were simbolic of the direct access with God of the Emperor .
  12. Very Interesting ! Albanian uniforms of the Communist era were unknown .the country was closed to the World .
  13. Hello Norman ,Capricorn runs over Jujuy a Province situated about 300 km North of my home . supongo que te refieres a Bolivia con tu fecal expresion
  14. Hello, The badge is a Royal one ,not Imperial .In Saxony was founded in 1906 a Royal Saxon Automovil Club . It exists today and the coat of arms is a shield topped with a royal crown and with wreaths of laurel leaves, much in the form of the badge weared by Prince Henry
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