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  1. Hello , Bavarian Gendarmerie Wachtmeister is a possibility. year? It could be 1913 or 1920
  2. arb und Grey C , In the German Empire ,a Federal Empire , existed four Kingdoms,Prussia Bavaria Saxony and Wurtemberg . each with the respective King. But existed also the Great Duchies , Baden Hesse Darmstadt, Mecklenburg Schwerin and Mecklenburg Strelitz , Saxe Weimar and Oldenburg. each with their Great Duke ,Gross herzog , that counts as a Sovereign. existed five Duchies and seven Principalties ,each with a Duke or a Prince , and finally there were three Free Cities , Hamburg Lubeck and Bremen that were Republics with a President of the Senat ,at the head. contrary to whar arb thinks in the German Empire the Grossherzogin of Hesse counted as a Sovereign .
  3. Hello, very well made to be a fashion item ,and the Royal Crown was not a trivial symbol .
  4. Hello, Strange one, appears as a Royal Navy officers cap badge, but It lacks the anchor into the oval . Officers of the RNVR and the RNR both weared the anchor , and surmounted with the letters RNR or RNVR ,
  5. Hello, the last pic shows a Field Officer of the Garde Jaeger . The uniform appears to be a Kunftige Friedensuniform , and the transversal stripes under the Shoulderboards denotes a retired officer,
  6. Hello Sajkaca, very interesting pieces ! and scarse I believe. thanks for share Emperor Nicholas was frequently portrayed wearing the Cossack uniform, He always beared the rank of Colonel , In which Museum are the uniforms of Nicholas II ?
  7. John , Its a curious medal . It reads Cisarevich , and Cisarievna, that is Zarevich and Zarievna, Crown Prince and Crown Princess , but not their names, The efigies of both saids that
  8. The Maltese in the German Empire were nucleated into two associations .one in Rhineland Westphalia the other in Silesia .
  9. Grey C ,The Gentleman wears the Field uniform used during WW1 by high grade Knights of the German Priorate of the Order, the Austro Hungarians used distinct uniforms ,
  10. Its Croatian, conmemorative of a visit of the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess, to the city of Sisak ,Sisku in June of 1888 .the Royal couple portrayed is that of Rudolf of Habsburg and Stephanie.
  11. As I explained before a Garde Regiment ,the Garde Hussars ,become Leib Garde Regiment when it was associated with the monarch
  12. Hello the soldier in the photo wears the uniform of a Infantry Tizedes of the Royal Hungarian Honved of the pattern used between 1888 and 1906 for Field Service and Walking out, Is Honved ,and not Hungarian Regiment of the Common Army because he wears the red Hungarian Knot on the trousers and cuffs , the Hungarian Regiments used yellow and black braid on the trousers and a special braid on the cuffs called bear claws, In Kaposvar was garrisoned the 3rd Batailon of the 19th Pecs Honved Infantry Regiment . the man also wears the Hungarian Honved belt buckle ,with the crowned Hungarian coat of arms
  13. This is a military cadet uniform ,Mustafa Kemal was a cadet in the Military Academy of Monastir today Bitola The other uniform is the uniform of a Turkish General , used in the thirties , the collar patch is not visible so i can not say which rank of General is
  14. Hello, The two Leib husaren regimente of the Prussian Army , the Death head hussars ,were not part of the Garde. The Leib Garde Husaren Regiment was created in 1815 as Garde Husaren ,later in 1888 when William II acceded to the throne named himself Regimentschef and the unit was named Leib Garde Husaren
  15. Brig , Switzerland is also a Federation , Bundes in German ,but the Federal Police there is named Bundesamt fur Polizei
  16. Sajkaca, Thanks for your answer , the Rotmistr was in fact the Russian equivalent of the German Rittmeister, The Bulgarian Cavalry and Artillery Captain was Rotmistr also if i am not wrong. Cossacks have Podesaul and Esaul ?
  17. The then prince Carol firing a French Chauchat LMG near to him ,a french officer
  18. Hello, Bundespolizei is the Austrian Police , and Hoherer polizeidienst means Superior Police service the Upper class of Police functionaires, The badge is probably destined to use with civilian dress . regarding the German connection , Its true that in Germany exists a Bundespolizei but it was created in 2005 from the Old Bundesgrenzschutz . and the badge looks older
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