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  1. Does not looks as the current M 1957 Soviet Officers Dirk . Perhaps its as you says a Marshall type one Another pssibility is a Diplomatic dagger , Soviet Diplomatics received special uniforms in 1943 pigeon grey in colour with SBs and braids .
  2. Hello, likes mixed, Prussian haube and Russian spike .
  3. This photo reads : Brit isches Konigin Geburstag parade Munchen 1957 . that is British Queen Birthday parade ,Munich 1957. That dont means Elizabeth present in the photo. The official birthday of British Sovereigns took and takes place in London with the Monarch reviewing the Guard Units .
  4. Hello, the uniform looks as rifle green in colour and the fez is more a pillbox with tassel than a fez . The Burma Rifles weared a similar uniform but the men portrayed are africans . Regarding the West India Regiment I remember that the men of these unit wear a colourful uniform Zouave Style ,
  5. The Calcutta Light Horse was also a Reserve unit , as Peter says , a subsidized social Club , But the Calcutta Light Horse took part in the Raid that destroyed the German ship Ehrenfels into the Portuguese Port of Goa , a colonial settlement in India. A movie was filmed about Operation Creek many years ago . with Gregory Peck , Sir Roger Moore, David Niven , Trevor Howard and Patrick Magnee. Sea Wolves was the name
  6. Hello. The Argentinian Army Generals weared with the Blue Dress Uniform collar and cuffs braided in gold over red since 1904 until the nineties of the XX century. but your collar and cuffs are not Argentinians. Chile too adopted braided collar and cuffs in gold over red for Army generals until today but they are not Chileans. Bolivia was another South American Country first with French Influence and since 1911 to today German one in their uniforms, The tone of the red background rather pinkish Sic remember to me the Background I observed in Bolivian Generals SBs and Lampassen . one possibility
  7. thats dates the photo in 1940 or early 1941 . von Wietersheim commanded a Motorized AK during the Invasion of France but in June 1941 he took part with his AK in Barbarossa
  8. Numis ,there were no diferences between the medals awarded to civilians and the ones awarded to soldiers . the Medaille was created in 1820 by King Louis XVIII to reward any person who with risk of his own life saved the life of another person or persons .
  9. Hello Chris , A rare document indeed , Certainly Bucharest was occupied by the Germans ,but all the Romanian administration ,police, Gendarmerie and Army continued in Romanian hands with Germans overseeing . the Document is notable for been a sort of Open Sesame for the owner . a Super Ausweis
  10. Hello, to make the Tunic you need Wool cloth , the Litzen were made either of cotton or flax thread . this later is a type used currently for the manufacture of the inner part of the waist in Man trousers
  11. It symbolizes a sort of brotherhood between Germans and Czechs ,Bilingual with the Hradschin and the National colours of Germany and Bohemia Moravia . You must remember that Bohemia Moravia was a Protectorate with His own Government ,President, Prime Minister and Army ; Gendarmerie and Police
  12. Hello again ! I have not see but is very possible the existence of Cupones printed over the first sheet of good paper available .the paper was also rationed .
  13. Hello ,After the Spanish Civil War end in 1939 the newly created Estado Español instituted the Rationing Tickets known as Cupones de Racionamiento. They existed until 1952 ,they were 13 long years of hunger or half hunger for the majority of the Spaniards . Why it was imposed ? first the Country was exhausted with a Economy near destroyed and Great Debt ,second the Second World War and the Spanish neutrality left Spain nearly Blocked .
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