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    Hello folks,

    Great badges and the destroyer happens to be one of my favorites. Here is my example by Schwerin Berlin. If I may say it is one of the best gold examples I have seen. This is one badge I would probably never sell.


    Jody smile.gif

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    I always thought that the early Tombac GWL Detroyer Badge was one of the nicest badges ever made, so when I had a chance to pick up another at a show this weekend I couldn't pass it up. Unfortunately, the swastika has been filed down but it's still a beautiful badge and will make a nice companion to my other Tombac GWL.


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    Richard,despite the "salty"look they are both very nice badges.I have three nice Schwerins but one of these days i would like to add a GWL to my collection.Nice find.


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    Thanks Martin. The photos are kind of dark and don't do the badges justice. I was really happy with it, all things considered. Don't find many original badges around here these days, just lots of repros being sold as originals and priced as if they were originals.


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