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    Austrian hallmarks on Orders & Medals – additional comments


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    Does anyone know what this hallmark is. It is on the bar of a Franz Joseph Silver Military Merit Medal.



    I think I can make out an 'A' at the end of the hallmark: -



    There is a 'JZ' (Josef Zimbler) hallmark on the other side on the bar: -



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    I have some unknown marks on my Austrian Merit Cross. The makers mark and hallmark are on the suspension ring and not on the loop. The Makers mark looks like either W V (H?)(A?)(R?) or perhaps it's upside down? The silver content is the A 1 with the winged figure to its right. Which I read here is the imported silver mark.
    Really need some help identifying this makers mark pals! Been bugging me for a few years now =D 

    I've uploaded some super close ups with different lighting and negative film treatment. Let me know if you need more angles.


    IMG_7292 - Version 2.jpg

    IMG_7284 - Version 2.jpg

    IMG_7286 - Version 2.jpg

    IMG_7287 - Version 2.jpg

    IMG_7290 - Version 2.jpg

    IMG_7290 - Version 3.jpg


    IMG_7291 - Version 2.jpg

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    4 hours ago, Elmar Lang said:

    the mark is "HUW", for Heinrich Ulbrichs Witwe; a mark actually not often encountered.

    All the best,

    Enzo (E.L.)

    Thank you so much for this! I've been literally searching for two years for this maker's ID. I see now that they also produced beautiful Merit Crosses from 1914-1918. Do you think my cross was produced as a private purchase or part of a limited Military Merit Cross production? I am assuming it was produced during the war.
    Again thanks for closing a mystery case for me =D

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    Graham is right, that’s the one I had in mind. I think it looks a bit strange, though and I don’t recognize the ‘“fm” mark, so as said, it would be good if we could see the whole item.

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    These are the Vienna "A" marks for precious metal; then, the trefoil mark of messrs. "Brüder Schneider", Vienna, and their signature mark. 

    A full, obverse/reverse picture of the piece would be most welcome... 

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    So asterisk is for non-precious metals and "A"s are precious metals. I thought that it is for "Wien" like in the "Flugel A". 

    The question was for a BSW made fancy Turkish War Medal. Here are the pictures. It was sold by emedals

    Bruder Schneider 57mm (6) fantazi.jpg

    Bruder Schneider 57mm (4) fantazi.jpg

    Bruder Schneider 57mm (1) fantazi.jpg

    Bruder Schneider 57mm (5) fantazi.jpg

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